Fear and trauma creep in, but show must go on

It was during one such rounds in late April that Kumar came in contact with a family that tested positive.

11 hours ago

Chennai sanitary worker ready to clear the streets again after recovering from COVID-19

"I fear that I will put my family through the same danger again. But I am left with no other option as they depend on my salary," says P Kumar.

01 Jun 2020

Lockdown: Drug dealers in Chennai turn innovative, trump COVID-19 crisis

The economy has slumped and experts say it could take a few years to bring it back on track.

30 May 2020

Kavalthurai to the aid of nanban in need

Constable bumps into woman staying at Adyar bus depot, welcomes her to house

21 May 2020

Sand smugglers shun night shifts, hire bikes to pull through crisis

The smugglers were caught using hired bikes and trucks, load autos, JCB, and even bullock carts to transport sand.   

19 May 2020

Challenging time for children with special needs

Kids feel frustrated as schedule goes haywire after lockdown came into effect

14 May 2020

Chennai: Migrants fall prey to rumours

A group of 500 labourers started walking towards Central railway station after hearing reports of special trains leaving from there

09 May 2020

GM of top Chennai biotech firm consumes drug he invented to cure COVID-19, dies

The deceased, Sivanesan, was the general manager of Sujatha Bio-Tech which is well known for products like Nivaran 90, Velvette shampoo and Memory Plus.

08 May 2020

Man thrown out of house over cough, dies on street

Fearing he had contracted the virus, neighbours and landlord oust him from home; after his death, relative refuses to claim body      

01 May 2020

Keeping coronavirus away from prisons

Separate staff have also been appointed for the block and precautionary measures like face masks, sanitisers, soap provided to inmates.

30 Apr 2020

e-learning now makes its way into homes across Chennai

Ever since the city went into a lockdown, e-learning has found its way into most households. Even those who used phones only to attend calls, are busy attending online courses.

29 Apr 2020

Buy now, pay later: Supermarket comes to rescue of the needy

Low income and daily wage labourers have been struggling to make ends meet ever since the lockdown was imposed.

08 Apr 2020

Sit up and take notice of pandemic, cops tell virus-masked violators

Last week, he had worn a virus-helmet to explain the severity of the pandemic, of which pictures and videos had gone viral on social media too.

02 Apr 2020

WATCH | Chennai police resorts to novel punishment methods for lockdown violators

Motorists roaming on their two-wheelers on Padi flyover were made to wear masks which were cut out in the shape of the coronavirus and placards were hung around their neck.

01 Apr 2020

Tipplers face twin trauma: COVID-19, no liquor

When everything is gloom and doom these days, where does anyone find some solace? Yes, alcohol! But man, oh man! This lockdown has forced shut all TASMAC outlets across the State too. 

28 Mar 2020