Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

Six ways to 'kitty up' your home

Cats are perfect for cities crowded with apartments. If you plan to keep one, here’s how to make your home safe for your pet

13 Jul 2016

The Montessori Legacy

15 Jul 2015

Sartre, Neil Young and High School

Keshani Kashyap’s Tina’s Mouth: An Existential Comic Diary is a story about an Indian teenager living in the US, who addresses her diary to Jean-Paul Sartre. This is a book any high school student will relate to and enjoy

01 Dec 2014

A Flight into Fantasy

The title of the series of anthology comics by Kazu Kibuishi, refers to the idea of stories as quick, exciting flights of imagination. The book has short graphic stories by young, new comics creators.

23 Jun 2014

The Real Olympians

The Greek epics — The Iliad and The Odyssey — are about Greek legends, religion and culture and have a stark similarity with our very own Indian epics — The Mahabharata and The Ramayana

24 Mar 2014

What is a Genre?

A genre is useful in organising books but should not restrict your reading or writing capacities.

17 Mar 2014

When Animals Come Alive in Books

Gerald Durrell and James Herriot are two animal lovers who through their books show us the bewitching world of animals. Their enthusiasm for and sensitivity, towards different animals show us a thing or two about how to give animals a permanent place in our lives

03 Mar 2014

Trouble, Tantrums and Treats, French-style

Rene Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempe’s Le Petit Nicolas is a series of books about a little French boy and the events in his life (in school and family). While there are no magical characters here, the creators have made these stories about everyday life so enjoyable that they make for a delightful read

24 Feb 2014

An Episode on Your Mind's Screen

Paul Magrs takes us through the journey of Doctor Who and Martha Jones, who fight Voracious Craws. This book shows that not all TV tie-in books are a bore but could just be that much more imaginative and entertaining

17 Feb 2014

A Writer with the Magic Touch

Jane Yolen has been called America’s Hans Christian Anderson and the modern Aesop.

10 Feb 2014

How to Look for a Book

In this digital age, most people depend on a computer database to search for books in a library. But here is a classification method that helps us look for any book under any subject and author

03 Feb 2014

How to Write Great Book Reviews

Reviewing books is part of academic study for some. For those starting out and are feeling overwhelmed by the task, here are some handy hints on how to go about putting your thoughts out on someone else’s.

28 Jan 2014

Poe Forevermore

He was best known for his tales of terror, where the stories are filled with vivid, disturbing scenes, Edgar Allan Poe went in for a gradual and psychological build-up of terror

27 Jan 2014

Rats, Ice Cream and Burgers

While David Walliams’ novel Ratburger is grimy and realistic with grotesque elements, he shows us that the world is not empty of hope, making the reader go through a crazy adventure

20 Jan 2014

How to Write Great Book Reviews

Maybe you’ve just read a brilliant book and want to tell everyone about it; maybe your teacher’s asked you to write a book report.

06 Jan 2014

A Big Dose of Fantasy

Our writer gives us seven fantasy books (both novels and short story collections) that will surely take us through a mesmerising journey into the world of magic and wonder

23 Dec 2013

Where faces are masks

A Face Like Glass is a fantasy novel where the author uses rich metaphors and fantasy along with imagination to create a mesmerising world for younger readers. But it is sure to be a page turner for members of all age groups

25 Nov 2013

Back to 50 BC

Jacques Yves Ferry and Didier Conrad, the new people behind the asterix comics, have come up with the latest album to join the asterix family — Asterix and the Picts, which carries forward the art and writing style of Goscinny and uderzo, and is a great start for the new kids on the block

18 Nov 2013

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