Jayaram Poduval

The first indian who saw the pieta of michelangelo

Joseph of Cranganore was one among these Suriyani Christians who approached Cabral and travelled with him to Europe in 1501.

08 Jan 2023

Ezhimala, an ancient capital, forgotten

Cargo ships were compelled to land here for reason that if anything went wrong with ship, it would float naturally back to Ezhimala & pirates wouldn't spare anybody claiming that loot was godsend gift

21 Aug 2022

Blockbuster legend: Was Perumthacchan Thomas Knai who led migration of Christians to Kerala?

Vararuchi, who is now an ardent follower of fatalism, instructs his wife to abandon the children saying since God gave them a mouth, destiny would provide them sustenance.

17 Jul 2022

Sanjayan, a humourist and humanist from Kerala

A memorial, interestingly the only one, for Sanjayan is not in Thalassery, his birthplace, but in Annur, a village north of Payyanur town in Kannur district, north Kerala.

21 Jun 2022

Kerala, through Stella Kramrisch’s eyes

Kramrisch deviated from the mainstream art history of the nation to look into the unknown, unappraised regional histories of art.

28 May 2022

Statue of a visionary in the Kerala capital

Even now the concept of a welfare state remains confined only to academic discussions and political manifestos and is never implemented.

04 May 2022

Numerous manifestations of Kali celebrated in Kerala

When people in other parts of India ask my suggestion on which season to travel to Kerala, I always suggest the months of March and April.

06 Apr 2022