Jithendra M

Lives as yielding as clay

Four brothers, from a family of potters, say they have to keep changing their products and craft to keep up with a fickle market

22 Jun 2017

Smithy in the city

Rajesh Rachachari moved to Bengaluru with big dreams, now this blacksmith wishes his family hadn’t staked all it had on city life

06 Apr 2017

Where  shakuntala  lives in peace

T Shakuntala has lost count of the dead bodies she has buried in her backyard. Living in a corner of the 25-acre Hindu Burial Ground in Shantinagar,

09 Feb 2017

Chief engineer’s vision holds the weight of a 100 years

Fifth engineering college in India, founded by Sir Visvesvaraya, boasts of illustrious alumni

29 Dec 2016

It’s the meek who inherit this heaven

With 187 residents, Asaktha Poshaka Sabha provides free shelter to any senior citizen

17 Nov 2016

No relief for these hut dwellers

Officials only helped out those living in apartments and houses, claim daily wage workers

02 Aug 2016