Johanna Deeksha

TISS-Hyderabad admin to hold meeting with hostel service providers after students protest fee hike

The students have only three demands — one, that the hostel fees for the GOIPMS students go back to Rs 15000 per semester and that it would be payable in three installments.

09 Jul 2019

RIP Crazy Mohan: Curtains come down on Tamil cinema's original funny man

Mohan wrote several scripts and dialogues for movies too, and he also frequently collaborated with Kamal Haasan.

10 Jun 2019

'I expected a better score', says Tamil Nadu NEET topper Shruthi K

Shruthi said she was disappointed that the answer key was changed at least a couple of times post the test.

05 Jun 2019

If Rohith Vemula had been alive, he would have campaigned for me: BSP's Vijay Pedapudi

Vijay Kumar Pedapudi, who is standing for the Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections from the Parchur constituency, is also a PhD student from Uoh and was a close confidante of Rohith Vemula.

10 Apr 2019

Haven't slept since then: One month on, how Mugilan's disappearance has affected TN's activists

On February 15, 2019 Mugilan, may or may not have gotten into a train but we know that there was no one to protect him.

18 Mar 2019

 Meet Se Gunasekar, the Periyarist who arranges 'inter-caste love marriages' 

Gunasekar recently opened a shelter for intercaste couples fleeing from their homes and he also helps them with the legal aspects of their union

26 Feb 2019

Why JNU scholar Ngurang Reena's lone fight to find justice for her 'murdered' father is inspiring

The 27-year-old is a PhD student and an activist from JNU and even stood for the JNUSU elections last year. Her father was a member of the BJP and was killed mysteriously

22 Feb 2019

Meet Ma Mukilan, the artist whose 'communal' paintings at Loyola College rubbed the right wing the wrong way

The artist, Ma Mukilan has been painting for many years now and has managed to ruffle some feathers in the past too with his paintings criticising big corporates.

23 Jan 2019

A scholar made of stardust: Why we must never forget Rohith Vemula

On the third death anniversary of Rohith Vemula, we speak to his friends from the Ambedkar Students Association on how things have changed and what they remember of him.

17 Jan 2019

Revisiting Kuzhumur village in Ariyalur a year after Anitha’s death

It has been a year since Kuzhumur had been in the news, since 17-year-old S Anitha committed suicide.

04 Sep 2018

Finding Anitha: What I discovered about the face of Tamil Nadu's anti-NEET agitation

One year after her tragic passing, how much do you really know about the 'Girl Who Fought NEET'? We go to her roots to try and understand who she was, how she grew up and why she did what she did.

01 Sep 2018

Don't pay for a photocopy of your answer paper anymore, students can check it out free using RTI 

Students from Government Institutes can now inspect their corrected papers by applying for it through RTI, but they cannot take a copy or digital image of it.

20 Jun 2018

Is your 7-year-old menstruating?

Thanks to lifestyle changes and consumption of fast-food, girls are reaching puberty even before they’re 10.

17 Feb 2017

Over one thousand workers, volunteers roped in to speed up oil spill clean-up operation in Chennai

Over a 100 workers, including volunteers,  chipped in to clean up Bharatiyar Nagar Beach in Ernavur, which is the worst-hit by oil spill.

02 Feb 2017

The thick black sea of Ennore post Saturday ship collision

Vast swathes of sea have been covered by thick oil that probably leaked after two ships collided on Saturday, endangering marine life in the surrounding waters and health of residents around.

31 Jan 2017

A place for public gathering behind the Government Multispeciality Hospital in Chennai?

The rear end of the Government Multispeciality Hospital may soon be revamped into a public space
That’s the idea suggested by Triple O Studio, which is awaiting the Corporation’s response  

31 Jan 2017

ABN AMRO Bank in Chennai directed to pay compensation for false charges

A consumer court in Chennai directed the ABN AMRO  bank to pay Rs 15,000 compensation to a customer for charging his account with unnecessary dues.

26 Jan 2017

Courts ill-equipped to deal with med emergency

Some of the advocates who witnessed the incident were angry that there was no ambulance in place.

12 Jan 2017

Court not SMS-smart as advocates prefer streetwise private services

The advocates simply have to register with the operator and get the number of cases listed and then the case numbers and courts.

08 Jan 2017

‘Sex Doc’ Back to Biz

The way  Dr L Prakash delivered his lecture at an orthopedics conference, it was hard to believe that the

18 Dec 2016

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