More number of power plants having critically low coal stocks: CEA

In fact, out of these 88 TPPs with low stock, 21 cited the regulation of supply by Coal India Ltd (CIL) due to outstanding dues as the reason for low stocks.

29 Sep 2021

Fuel prices set to increase further over next few months

Brent crude is currently trading at just under $80 a barrel on the spot market, a level not seen since October 2018.

28 Sep 2021

Government relief in hand, yet Voda Idea has much to do to take on rivals

For instance, the interest component for the moratorium period at the end of four years is expected to be as high as Rs 50,000 crore - Rs 43,200 crore on spectrum dues and Rs 9,970 crore on AGR dues.

17 Sep 2021

Relief for Airtel, Vodafone Idea as Cabinet gives telcos four-year relief on AGR dues

The reforms include the scrapping of Spectrum Usage Charge (SUC) for airwaves acquired in future spectrum auctions.

15 Sep 2021

‘Vodafone Idea collapse to hit tower companies hard, ripple ecosystem’: Experts

According to ratings agency ICRA, VIL currently commands a tenancy share of around 35% and a revenue share of around 36% in the towers owned by four companies.

07 Sep 2021

India Inc rapidly turning green in hunt for capital

ESG-focussed funds skip businesses with large carbon footprints

05 Sep 2021

Government prioritises shipments to power plants facing shortage

The Union coal ministry has directed coal suppliers to prioritise shipments to thermal power plants with critically low coal stocks even as several have been forced to shut down after running dry.

01 Sep 2021

Won’t shy away from tariff hike; fundraise to power 5G, says Mittal

The approved fundraise, Mittal noted, would help accelerate investments across several of the company’s verticals, including 5G, but without further loading the company with any additional debt.

31 Aug 2021

Coal shortage hits aluminium makers

Top power and coal ministry officials have met several times over the past week to fix the problem, which industry sources say is being driven by multiple factors.

31 Aug 2021

MEIL eyes USD 2 billion revenue boost via indigenous oil rig business

The second rig is set to begin operations at ONGC’s oil well near Dhamasana village, Kalol, Gujarat in a matter of days. 

27 Aug 2021

Going global with your investment portfolio

Over the past year, the number of retail participants has exploded and so has their interest in overseas securities

23 Aug 2021

COAI: Need to fix cost-income gap to save telcos

Seeks cut in licence fee to 1% of AGR from 3%, reduction in spectrum fee by 3%

20 Aug 2021

Fuel taxes high because of oil bonds burden? The math doesn't bear you out, Nirmala ji

Over the course of the pandemic, retail fuel prices have hit record highs. This has been so because tax hikes that were implemented when crude prices dived have not been reversed.

17 Aug 2021

Tamil Nadu Budget: It's tightrope walk as cash supply seems abysmally low

On March 31, 2021, total debt stood at Rs 4.85 lakh crore nearly a quarter of the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) and almost five times what it was a decade ago.

13 Aug 2021

Not just lenders, users and staff; Vodafone Idea collapse will hit Modi government the hardest

Without VIL, India’s telecom market, which once boasted of over a dozen operators, would be reduced to an effective duopoly. 

08 Aug 2021