K A Badarinath

Betting big on quantum technology

In layman’s terms, quantum computing could resolve problems that may take thousands of years for conventional systems to work out

14 Feb 2020

Should India privatise in the time of India first?

World powers like the US have turned their backs on globalisation. A larger debate 
over disinvestment is needed in India

20 Jan 2020

India again faces onion price crisis

The rising cost of the culinary staple can teach us valuable lessons in management, policymaking and governance

10 Dec 2019

On the ease of doing business in our nation

Our country has jumped up from a dismal 143rd spot in 2014 to 63rd now in the World Bank rankings. So is it time to celebrate?

14 Nov 2019

New aerial threat on the block

Explosive-laden drones crippled a major oil facility in Saudi. How prepared is India in safeguarding our own economic installations?

11 Oct 2019