K Ezhilarasan

Cyclone Gaja taught us humanity is still alive, say residents of Dalit colony in TN's Nagapattinam

Three houses in the coastal hamlet of Kodiyakkarai crumbled completely, while several others were damaged.

13 Nov 2019

Caste in Tamil cinema, a story in four acts

While the movie 'Asuran' has started a discussion on how Tamil cinema has handled the reality of caste, Kollywood seems to have four eras of portraying caste.

20 Oct 2019

Social media nudged law university to act on sex abuse plaint

But for the active campaign on social media, the victims of sexual harassment in the Tamil Nadu National Law University(TNNLU) would not have got justice.

07 Sep 2019

Where the cure ‘lies’

With social media fuelling a rise in neo-nativism, many are risking lives by turning to such unscientific treatments, rue healthcare professionals

01 Sep 2019

Good Ol’ Days: The lost music & joy of Tiruchy’s Anglo-Indian community

About 50 years ago, Ponmalai was home to around 20,000 Anglo- Indians with another 15,000 living elsewhere in Tiruchy.

25 Aug 2019

Kashmiril Puthiya Por, DMK’s decades-old fight

The article recalled how Nehru encouraged Abdullah to revolt against the Maharajah of Kashmir during pre-Independence and how Nehru threw his weight behind Maharajah post-Independence.

08 Aug 2019

Delay in Central aid makes life of inter-caste couples more difficult

Dr Ambedkar Foundation gives Rs 2.50 lakh to inter-caste couples under the Dr Ambedkar Scheme for Social Integration through Inter-caste Marriages. 

29 Jul 2019

Meet the septuagenarian rifle-sporting teacher

Retired headmaster Selvaraj bought a five-ft rifle in 1973 and used as protection against wild animals while going for work through the jungle. He was once chased by a bear when unarmed

27 Jul 2019

In heart of delta, a village of Tamil teachers and scholars

In a typical Tamil Nadu village, it is common to see outsiders asking just for the ‘Vaathiayar Veedu’ (teacher’s house) and also directed to it without any hitch.

21 Jul 2019

Crossing road is matter of life and death for them

It is not the quality of life they complain about, but theinsensitivity of town planners riles them to no end.

11 Jul 2019

Udhayanidhi Stalin in DMK: Unopposed, a smooth son rise again

After acting in several movies, overnight, Udhayanidhi became the managing director of the party mouthpiece Murasoli.   

05 Jul 2019

Tiruchy general hospital dean gets trolled for getting treatment in private hospital

On June 21, Saradha went to a private hospital for consultation and got admitted the next day for what is believed to be a minor ailment, sending social media into a tizzy.

02 Jul 2019

No seats but Kamal Haasan’s MNM manages good vote share

For instance, MNM was able to get less than 1.5 per cent of the votes in Dharmapuri and Chidambaram.

24 May 2019

M Karunanidhi mobilised farmers to get foothold in Tamil Nadu in 1957 elections

Karunanidhi’s maiden speech in the Assembly was on the Nagavaram issue and he waged a 20-day protest (August 23-September 9, 1957) against the landlord by leading the peasants.

09 Aug 2018

Tamil Nadu: Cauvery is not just a river but a heritage, say delta farmers

With no Cauvery Management Board in place, people in the Delta districts were aghast at the way New Delhi has treated them.

30 Mar 2018