K S Sreejith

Royal trees to return to Kerala govt’s schedule list

The order permitted landowners to cut naturally grown and planted royal trees on assigned pattaya land.

14 hours ago

Knight-Errant of La Mancha captivates kathakali audience

Quixote does not see the world as it is and prefers to imagine as he thought.

25 May 2023

Kerala to launch Pattaya Mission to streamline title deed distribution, assign land to the landless

At the land revenue commissionerate, a committee will be formed under the land revenue commissioner to supervise the distribution of title deeds and land to eligible persons.

20 Apr 2023

BJP looks to ride Vande Bharat over CPM, claims Congress

Service will fire party’s two-pronged approach — Christian outreach & devpt — in search of political capital

15 Apr 2023

Modi's church visit a game changer: BJP

The BJP’s national leadership observed that the Kerala Congress factions no longer enjoy the popular base they once had. 

12 Apr 2023

Supreme Court has thrice rejected caste bias in naming temple priests

In Seshammal and others Vs State of TN, the SC on March 14, 1972, held that the state govt had the right to regulate secular functions like management and administration.

08 Apr 2023

No Malayala Brahmins in state: Backward groups

Say anyone who studied tantra vidya can perform pooja in temples

04 Apr 2023

Between Rahul and Raja, Oppn ‘unity’ takes a beating

CPM is cheating the backward communities by supporting Raja who had overturned the reservation principles,” he said. 

03 Apr 2023

Forest department in Kerala mum on fund for electric fencing in human-jumbo conflict area

According to the project report, a copy of which is with this paper, the plan involves erecting power fences around selected settlements in a scientific way to reduce the conflict situation.

31 Mar 2023

Forest department to study possibility of releasing rogue jumbo PM2

However, the state forest official’s decision was questioned by conservationists as they alleged a violation of norms.

30 Mar 2023

Virus killed seven calves in Munnar, could upset ecological balance, say forest officials

The death of calves could seriously impact the population in the region, forest sources said.

29 Mar 2023

Union govt does not possess magic wand to influence rubber prices

World Trade Organization (WTO) and ASEAN agreements, and global financial markets, all play a major role in influencing their fortunes. 

23 Mar 2023

Waste-to-energy plants unsuitable for Kerala: Expert

“The government and private companies are deceiving the public in the name of technology,” Renjith told TNIE. 

20 Mar 2023

CPM leadership unhappy with mayor, district unit over handling of fire issue

The internal feud within the district unit of the CPM was evident during the selection of candidate for the Thrikkakara byelection. 

19 Mar 2023

Kerala government swings into action; former minister to head Kochi waste management

It has assigned former minister Thomas Isaac, who pioneered the succesful model in Thiruvananthapuram and Alappuzha, to head the mission.

13 Mar 2023