KG Suresh

Lessons in gender sensitivity the need of the hour

Of late, one can see a few brands attempting to present the modern and independent women, but a deeper look reveals that in most such cases, same old stereotypes are reinforced or new ones created.

18 Jan 2020

Comprehensive Abortion Care a Far Cry 

As per the national statistics, only 22 percent abortions are carried out in health facilities while 73 percent are medication-based.

21 Dec 2019

Time to widen ambit of press council

The National Press Day was observed earlier this week with commemorative events across the country.

23 Nov 2019

Time to train scribes in fake health news

With the advent of digital media in a big way, both the opportunities and challenges before public health communication have grown exponentially.

02 Nov 2019

Remembering Gandhi, the communicator

A strong votary of free speech, free press and the independence of the institution of the Editor, Gandhi vehemently opposed unwarranted restrictions on the media. 

01 Oct 2019

Community radio as game changers at grassroots level

CRS can bring about a paradigm shift in grassroots level development communication.

31 Aug 2019

Media education deserves attention too

That education pertaining to the fourth pillar of democracy continues to remain neglected even seven decades after independence is a matter of serious concern.

03 Aug 2019

India is battling a twin crisis

That water occupies a significant place in the Prime Minister’s scheme of things is evident from the setting up of an exclusive Ministry of Jal Shakti.

06 Jul 2019

Time for home minister to bite the bullet

Shah’s induction is being seen as a reflection of Modi’s commitment to implement the party’s core agenda to consolidate what has come to be known as the ‘Hindu Vote Bank’.

09 Jun 2019

The case against the third front

The Modi backers are hinting at a silent undercurrent, if not a wave.

11 May 2019

Animation sector is the future of jobs

Following the grand success of 2.0 and the Baahubali series, youngsters are making a beeline for the AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming & Comics) sector as never before.

19 Jan 2019