Chennai Corona Warriors combat-ready 

A team of over 500 college students has begun donating essentials for persons with disabilities and daily wage labourers.

03 Apr 2020

App to map people with fever signs

The Greater Chennai Corporation has developed an app to geographically map people having fever, the most common symptom of COVID-19.

31 Mar 2020

COVID-19: In a first, Chennai to map people with fever symptoms using mobile app

Since Google Playstore is taking down apps related to COVID-19 to stop the spread of fake news, the app will be released on the Chennai corporation's official website

30 Mar 2020

3 workshops to turn rail coaches into isolation wards

“The Indian railways have readied a prototype of an isolation ward and we are following the same. In the initial phase, Southern Railway is converting three coaches, one by each workshop.

29 Mar 2020

E-commerce sites can resume operations in TN from Friday but delivery boys remain scared

Speaking to The New Indian Express, delivery staff said they are worried that the police would beat them up. Besides, they fear they could contract the virus.

27 Mar 2020

E-commerce delivery staff fear cops, Covid as operations to resume on Friday

“Though we received nod from the police and purchased protective gear for delivery personnel, many of them are hesitant.

27 Mar 2020

Homeless & hungry: Food distribution banned, but e-grocery firms get nod 

“We distribute food to hundreds of homeless people everyday. A lot of them with mental health issues and physical disabilities are seldom admitted into a shelter home.

26 Mar 2020

Unorganised sector bears brunt of near-shutdown

While most of the city shut down on Tuesday, people working for the unorganised sector including construction labourers, watchmen, cab and auto drivers were majorly affected.

19 Mar 2020

Vendors panic as civic body set to relocate 30% from their current spot

“Members of our association are part of the town vending committees but no one has officially told us about the vendors’ removal or relocation,” he added. 

12 Mar 2020

Raising a stink

Suspicious leak from a sewage line disrupts life and PWD work at Kilkattalai and surrounding areas; officials promise action soon

29 Feb 2020

Panic buying as packaged water units go on strike

Homes, restaurants hoard up water cans, expecting prices to go up in coming days

29 Feb 2020

Dues cleared, but work denied for staff

There are 61 such workers in Chennai who work in the role of ‘Section Writer’. Since 2007, they have been assisting in data entry, preparation of electoral roles and voter IDs.

29 Feb 2020

Five months after Subhasri's death, illegal banners are back in Chennai

The city corporation has filed only 15 complaints of illegal banners since October.

27 Feb 2020

Interested in buying a bit of lake in Chennai?

Express finds it’s shockingly easy to do so - some ‘brokers’ will even give you documents - explaining how Chennai’s water bodies have been eaten up over years

25 Feb 2020

Kotturpuram hockey field to get facelift; running tracks, goalposts planned

“We are building a two-storeyed indoor gym with first floor for men and second for women.

25 Feb 2020