Kalpana Sunder

A natural progression

From saving iguanas to building coral fish homes, resorts in Fiji have many conservation programmes for guests to understand the eco-diversity of the archipelago

13 Apr 2023

Meatless in Male: First vegetarian restaurant in Maldives

The Maldives, famous for its seafood, is also home to a quaint restaurant offering exclusive vegetarian fare

26 Nov 2022

The peruvian navel of the earth

Once the capital of the great Incan empire, the colourful city of Cusco, built in the shape of a puma, is also home to exquisite crafts

03 Feb 2018

Golden ode to the games

With over 1,500 items, 53 projectors and 50 interactive screens, the Olympic Museum in Switzerland’s Lausanne heralds a digital revolution in museums.

13 May 2017