Kankana Basu

Slice of life

This book of eight short stories fascinates readers with its characters and the writer’s ability to appeal to the senses.

12 Aug 2017

Love on the run

The author follows the trail of Jennie de Villiers as she traipses across geographies in search of her inner music.

05 May 2017

Landscape of nothingness

There is something to be said of a 200-page book that holds one’s interest with unwavering intensity.

22 Apr 2017

Formidable females

In her debut collection, the writer chooses eight feisty women who dared to challenge tradition and deviated from prescribed gender roles

04 Feb 2017

Travails of Tagore

Tagore’s eternal muse (and sister-in-law) Kadambari and devoted wife, Mrinalini, are both dead.

19 Nov 2016

The baby boom(erang)

Pinki Virani outlines the rapid commercialisation of an unethical industry preying on the emotions of people

22 Oct 2016

Breaking out of no man's land

Laxmi describes her growing up years as a sickly boy suffering from confusion about sexual identity, revelling in feminine attire and being turned on by brawny arms and underwear advertisements

08 Oct 2016

Vignettes of resurrection rebellion

Bindu Dalmia’s debut novel brings us the inside story about the lives of the elite living in Delhi

30 Jul 2016

The cradle of death

A blend of mythology and fantasy, the book depicts a terrifying world of demons and necromancers.

02 Jul 2016

Beauty in Brevity

Known for his visual quality of writing, Sudeep Sen’s latest work provides a veritable feast for the senses.

19 Mar 2016

The Write Stuff in the Galaxy

Kanishk Tharoor whizzes across time zones and civilisations to spin magical fables in this debut collection of short stories

30 Jan 2016

In Search of Lost Time

Collected Poems brings together, in a vast embracing manner, all that has been penned by Thayil over three decades.

02 Jan 2016

Narratives of the Hunted

Inspired by dance, TV and contemporary writing on the Mahabharata, Until the Lions gives a unique spin to the age-old text

24 Oct 2015

The Art of Being a Heroine

The Cosmopolitans captures a time frame in the life of its protagonist, and the prose can stimulate the average reader as well as the discerning one

05 Sep 2015

The Sisterhood of Go-Getters

In 30 Women in Power, extraordinary achievers narrate their stories and share some priceless lessons

15 Aug 2015

The Poet of Profundity

An eclectic collection with traditional and experimental poetry, Fractals travels huge distances, both geographically and philosophically

02 Aug 2015

Kashmiris the World Forgot

Narratives of pain streaked with hope, the 27 fiction and non-fiction pieces written by Kashmiri Pandits in this book make for an insightful read.

13 Jun 2015

Of Sons and Mothers

Set in the cosy town of Sripuri in south India, Bystanders explores familial relationships with depth, humour and immense literary merit

04 Apr 2015

Adventures Of a Flightless Bird

The Last Illusion tells the story of an Iranian albino boy raised among birds who grapples with normalcy and life in New York

14 Mar 2015