Kannalmozhi Kabilan

As you save, so you reap

Four young men bring together a growing community of farmers to save indigenous seeds and end the dependence on seed corporates for sustainable and native agriculture

28 Jun 2022

A palm dream in the making

The two-day Palmyra Dream Festival was a stepping stone to start off something new towards the goal of self-sufficiency with palm

21 Jun 2022

Hitting the bull’s eye: Tamil documentary reveals mystery around Jallikattu

A 90-minute Tamil documentary, set to release this month, unravels the mystery around Jallikattu––Tamil Nadu’s controversial cattle sport

18 Jun 2022

Of autism and autonomy

Offering tailor-made vocational courses and even life-building activity training,

18 Jun 2022

Madras Naturalists Society, Palluyir Trust bring wealth of the wild in a deck of cards

If you’ve been in the company of Yuvan Aves and team, you might have even been treated to the goodness of shore walks and Beach Bingo.

13 Jun 2022

'Tales for Tweens', a collection of open-source stories, targets taboo through positive tales

Deepak Dennison taps on the rich resources of open-source stories to offer narratives on diversity and inclusivity for children through his book 'Tales for Tweens'.

11 Jun 2022

The ADHD aftermath

People diagnosed with ADHD during the pandemic open up about their experiences, some more similar than others, and the lack of awareness in the nation 

11 Jun 2022

Chennai: On the road to responsible sex-education

Work in the realm of sexual and reproductive health and rights has only gotten more difficult over the years. NGOs in the field debate ways out of this quagmire.

08 Jun 2022

Injustice in theatrical action

Akshay Nagarajan’s Undertrials brings the Indian justice system under a lens with nuanced characters and narratives

31 May 2022

A sweet-toothed legacy

The untrained eye might dismiss Jai Ice Cream’s humble presence on Choolaimedu High Road as just another perhaps, successful local business.

31 May 2022

‘ANEW’ path to prosperity

In the 25 years since its inception, ANEW (Association for Non-traditional Employment for Women) has scripted 14,000 success stories.

28 May 2022

Enabling connectivity for the future

Former director of IIT Madras, Bhaskar Ramamurthi talks about India’s first 5G testbed and its implications on technological developments to come

28 May 2022

Justice system under the stage light

Amitabh Parashar’s The Eyes of Darkness revealed an unseen reality; that Bihar continued to see this brand of mob justice rendered to ‘criminals’, sometimes even teenage girls and boys. 

25 May 2022

An assortment of awe-inspiring acts

Perhaps, some might say that’s the very reason the little pleasures seem all the more precious.

24 May 2022

Youth politics beyond the poll

For the first time, Young People for Politics recognised six makers of social change who have used their education, interests and the vast expanse of the Internet to bring about a change 

22 May 2022