Kannalmozhi Kabilan

Memories from quizzes past

It happened first in 1988, spearheaded by the collaboration of X and Y. After a five-year hiatus, it returned in 1994 and has been here to stay.

13 Aug 2020

A home for heritage

With painstaking effort and plenty of enthusiasm, here’s a Chennai architect bringing the celebration of
heritage closer home

12 Aug 2020

Breaking down breastfeeding

The practice of breastfeeding has always been mired in problems — physical and psychological — for the mother, and it has only been made worse by the pandemic. Experts offer help

12 Aug 2020

Yarning for a change

Equipped with an enviable network of entrepreneurs and sheer force of will, WICCI takes on the challenges of the handloom world

11 Aug 2020

Rights, class apart

In a world that teaches children to normalise violence, and reinforces the idea of control and compliance, human rights education does not find a place in schools. Here’s why it should

29 Jul 2020

Stand-up comedian Abishek Kumar's Mrs. Janaki takes social media by storm

Stand-up comedian Abhishek Kumar’s alter ego Mrs Janaki  has got a cult following online with her no-holds-barred takes on current affairs 

11 Jul 2020

An unequal art

While caste politics continues to rule the close-knit world of Bharatanatyam, it falls upon hereditary dancers like Nrithya Pillai to educate the masses. But it’s not without some backlash and trauma.

10 Jul 2020

A skintillating switch

And for some, it comes down to finally indulging in self-care, redefining beauty basics in the process of moving from mere cosmetics to wellness.

06 Jul 2020

Ticked off 

Deprived of an app that had been a vital source of entertainment and enterprise, TikTok stars from Chennai mourn its passing in India

02 Jul 2020

Coworking with social distancing

Arjjun Chander, founder of Karya Space, talks about the future of coworking spaces in a world put to test by a pandemic

27 Jun 2020

Got the scoop?

A product of his love for gelato and Chemistry, 15-year-old Tarush Ramdas presents healthier versions of your favourite ice-cream flavours through his venture, Get The Scoop 

25 Jun 2020

What’s cooking? a new diet plan

The sudden change in pace and lifestyle, ushered in by the pandemic-induced lockdown, has had an impact on people’s diet for better or for worse. Chennaiites recount their experiences, and experts we

24 Jun 2020

Six yards of sensibility

With shopping for clothes yet to find its space in this virus-riddled world,will saris offer an answer to our prevailing wardrobe woes?

23 Jun 2020

Lost in transaction

Bank employees, who keep the wheels of the economy turning, feel they are a neglected lot. With banks working at half capacity and many customers knocking on their doors needlessly, staff say they are

21 Jun 2020

Huge toll on tiny humans

With the imbalance in coursework and playtime severe, children’s mental health has become a casualty during this lockdown

19 Jun 2020