Kapil Sibal

The India we are living in today

The BJP used the ‘India Against Corruption’ campaign to vilify the UPA. The Lokpal lives in oblivion, untouched by prevailing graft. And Kejriwal continues to sell himself.

22 Nov 2021

Caste and the implementation of reservation

The culprit is the state that has failed to provide quality education to our children. We need, therefore, to reassess the way we address issues of inclusion

27 Sep 2021

Remembering Partition horrors and divisive agendas

Some seek to use such tragedies not for the cause of oneness, but to generate the poison of hatred that led to those horrors

29 Aug 2021

Pegasus misuse: Over to the Supreme Court

The court needs to act and act swiftly. Democracy is threatened. Individual freedoms are at risk and so are our constitutional values.

26 Jul 2021