Kapil Sibal

Kejriwal epitomises amoral nature of India’s politics

Politics in the country is far removed from the concerns of the common man. He languishes and is often manipulated to vote for change.

28 Feb 2022

The dangers of politics of organised religion

History has witnessed that whenever the state and ecclesiastical authorities acted in unison, it led to violent outcomes. That is what we are witnessing today.

31 Jan 2022

The real mafia and goons in Uttar Pradesh

The most disturbing fact is that vigilante groups enjoy selective protection from the police. While the state professes law as religion neutral, the data shows otherwise

27 Dec 2021

In this 'mother of democracy', lives don't matter

The Lakhimpur Kheri incident shows not only scant regard for rule of law but also arrogance of the perpetrators. What is even more disturbing is the silence of the powerful.

24 Oct 2021

Government notification can’t alter status of Covid tragedy

The government cannot deny that Covid-19 is a disaster. Yet, it has refused to apply the 2015 norms under the NDRF to our frontline soldiers who lost their lives in the pandemic

28 Jun 2021

Inequalities have increased under this government

Demonetisation, faulty implementation of GST and heartless handling of the Covid-19 pandemic have inflicted untold misery on ordinary folk and businesses. 

30 May 2021

Breaking backbone of democratic institutions

The Union government has been working at reducing the elected representatives in Union Territories to ciphers. Its latest target is the National Capital Territory of Delhi

29 Mar 2021

Centre has no road map for self-reliance

The PM recently spoke about achieving self-reliance in sectors like defence, chip manufacturing and aviation. In the absence of any plan, this is self-delusion

22 Jun 2020