Karan Bhasin

Geospatial inequality and migration within India

A paper by Balasubramanian, Kumar and Loungani (2020) provides us with an excellent review of what the 2011/12 data tells us about consumption patterns and geospatial inequality in India

25 Mar 2021

Emerging trends of global economic recovery

But the underlying point is that economic growth—or the growth recovery process—is contingent on containing the spread of the disease.

24 Feb 2021

India’s economic growth in the decade ahead

There is no doubt that there exists significant uncertainty with far too many unknowns over the course of the coming months.

31 Dec 2020

Tax reforms, a new beginning 

The bulk of the discussion around the economy has focussed on the ongoing pandemic and its devastating impact across the global economic system.

13 Aug 2020