Karthik Keramalu

'Meru' book review: A space odyssey

The futuristic novel, set in a world beyond Earth, documents an expedition that aims to find other habitable planets

18 Mar 2023

Maximum mayhem: A high-intensity cop-chase thriller, 'The Blue Bar' 

It builds suspense by keeping the identity of its killer and his motive undiscoverable till the end. The supporting characters pump blood into the thriller without allowing the proceedings to caught.

03 Feb 2023

'Lessons' book review: The big and small of it

An enriching tale that encapsulates the tedious yet invigorating journey that is life

24 Dec 2022

'Between Heaven and Earth' book review: Home is where the hills are

A varied collection of essays by some of India’s greatest writers, encapsulating in words the enchanting life in the mountains

12 Nov 2022

Alan Garner's 'Treacle Walker': Of magic, myth and mystery    

An innovative literary work that creates a world where the lines between reality and fantasy blur

01 Oct 2022

Ruth Ozeki’s The book of form and emptiness, a philosophical guide that teaches to live with loss

Earlier this year, The Book of Form and Emptiness won the Women’s Prize for Fiction and it’s not difficult to guess why.

17 Sep 2022

'Ghost Lover' book review: The sisterhood of travails & pangs

A collection of short stories that scratches beneath the seemingly surface-level female friendships.

06 Aug 2022

'Violets' book review: Loneliness as a companion

Just as silence has its own music, sorrow, too, has a rhythm of its own in this translation

18 Jun 2022

Book review: 'The Candy House' | Your memories are not yours alone

In this novel that visits the past and strides into the future, technological innovation is both a friend and a foe.

04 Jun 2022

Love in the Time of Bigotry

The novel is crucial now more than ever to help us ponder over what we’re fighting for and what we’re wasting our energy on .

14 May 2022

When Memories Play Hide and Seek

The International Booker Prize longlisted novel talks about love, friendship, and the partition

09 Apr 2022

Love and Loss in London

An engaging and hilarious tale of a Bengali immigrant family trying to fit into a modern world

26 Mar 2022

Isreal Conflict