Kaushik Viswanath

GM foods: A potential health risk?

Scientists have shown that there is no significant health risk posed by consuming foods that contain genetically modified products.

12 Mar 2013

Let the novelist in you out

Until you find someone to do that, you can consider yourself the greatest novelist the world has ever seen who just hasn’t written a novel yet.

05 Mar 2013

Explaining the author’s text

The next time you have an English exam, feel free to offer your own interpretations. But keep in mind that if your teacher disagrees, you will get a zero and Barthes has nothing to say about that.

05 Feb 2013

Become your own pet

29 Jan 2013

Looking back at the old you

When I consider what I was like just five years ago, I find that past version of myself to be quite stupid in a lot of ways, full of mistaken assumptions.

08 Jan 2013

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