Kaveree Bamzai

Matter of fact: Indian documentaries are the flavour of the season

Documentary filmmaking in India has come of age, thanks to a growing interest among the younger audiences for true-life stories, more viewing platforms and new funding avenues

26 Mar 2023

The return of the Khans

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan reappear on the screen after a gap to audiences that once worshipped them. Have things changed forever?

17 Jan 2023

Sunday Special | Bust of Bollywood: A crisis with many faces

When did Hindi movies lose the plot? When did the stars tumble down to earth? When did the audience fall out of love? Who is to blame? Covid-19, the lack of content, cancel culture, or all three?

04 Sep 2022

Bust of Bollywood

When did Hindi movies lose the plot? When did the stars tumble down to earth? When did the audience fall out of love? Who is to blame? Covid-19, the lack of content, cancel culture or all three?

02 Sep 2022

Why Kapil Sharma is India’s Most Powerful Comedian

Kapil Sharma insults his celebrity guests and makes politically incorrect jokes. He even drunk-tweets the prime minister and still gets away with it. Why is he India's most powerful comedian?

05 Feb 2022

Star dust and drug busts: What's new about this NCB-fuelled action on substance abuse in Bollywood?

Party drugs are not uncommon in Bollywood, nor are high profile arrests. What is new is a desire to ensure a more egalitarian and nationalistic film industry that sells a fresh narrative to the world.

24 Oct 2021

Southern superwomen: Nayanthara to Samantha, Hindi films turn south for their leading ladies

Indian cinema from its inception has been culturally diverse. Film crews and actors from different backgrounds worked in the industry and this was most evident within south Indian cinema as well.

03 Oct 2021

COVID Think Tank | We needed logistics like FedEx, Amazon: Ved Arya

The RCRC Founder talked about how essential medical supplies were not reaching people in time to make a difference because of a lack of robust logistic infrastructure

16 Jun 2021

COVID Think Tank | Have we made things worse after first wave?

As India begins to gradually find its feet after a debilitating second wave of the dreaded Coronavirus, it is just as important to look back as it is to look forward.

16 Jun 2021

COVID Think Tank | ‘If we join hands, we can genuinely fight anything’

A few months ago, the 31-year-old and her mother were both down with COVID.

15 Jun 2021

TNIE Covid Think Tank: Have we lost our way?

While India had a great set-up on paper, the institutions did not have autonomy or coordination to work as a structured unit, said former ICMR chief Dr Nirmal K Ganguly

09 Jun 2021

TNIE Covid Think Tank: Where do we go from here?

Dr Ashok Seth, chairman, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute said that if India can help the entire country vote in a matter of days, it surely can vaccinate people in a few weeks.

08 Jun 2021

TNIE Covid Think Tank: Centre shouldn't micromanage vaccine jabs, says ex-Union Home Secretary

Former Union Home Secretary Madhav Godbole added that the Government of India must immediately take up the responsibility of procuring vaccines and should provide them free of cost.

08 Jun 2021

ThinkEdu Conclave  2021 | India needs to quickly learn and unlearn: NASSCOM President Debjani Ghosh

My advice to young people is to demonstrate their learnability.

31 Mar 2021

ThinkEdu Conclave 2021 | India’s digital transformation even faster than China: Facebook India VP Ajit Mohan

Mohan spoke about the internet revolution that India has witnessed over the last few years and how that has enabled ‘explosive opportunities’.

31 Mar 2021

ThinkEdu Conclave 2021: AI making Indians a little 'dumber' everyday, says author Rajiv Malhotra

Touching upon the algorithm that runs social media, he said that the machine figures out what one likes and doesn’t like, based on a user's clicks.

30 Mar 2021

ThinkEdu Conclave 2021: Women are tigresses only on paper

This year’s ThinkEdu Conclave is being conducted online from March 26 to March 30, 2021.

30 Mar 2021

INTERVIEW | ‘We could have rebirthed sanskrit’: Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy said this on Day 3 of the ThinkEdu Conclave 2021, which also saw illuminating discussions on India’s tech landscape and women in films

29 Mar 2021

INTERVIEW | ‘We need to unleash the capitalist engine in India’: Kris Gopalakrishnan

Gopalakrishnan spoke about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and what India can do to become a superpower in that sphere.

29 Mar 2021

INTERVIEW | Important to tell our story as it is: Alankrita Shrivastava

I wanted to explore how it is different for women who come from various economic backgrounds, harder to break off a lot of barriers in life.

29 Mar 2021

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