Kavya Lalchandani

Digital markets and competition law in India

Since there is no enactment in India that exclusively deals with digital markets or data protection of individuals, the merger situation cannot be dealt with in the most direct way.

06 May 2022

Challenges posed by insolvency in real estate sector

The status of a homebuyer has been alleviated to the status of the financial creditor and can bring proceedings against the alleged defaulter.

05 Apr 2022

Amend IBC keeping India’s unique needs in mind

The unique commercial setup in India and Covid’s impact should also be taken into consideration before passing any amendments to the IBC.

18 Feb 2022

New rules to help fight ills of pyramid schemes

The subscribers who enrol the new people occupy a higher position and the newly joined ones are ranked lower, resulting in a multi-layered network with successive additions.

15 Jan 2022

Is Bankruptcy Code an escape route for PMLA?

The present article addresses the controversy that was recently addressed by the Delhi High Court in the case of Nitin Jain Liquidator PSL Limited vs Enforcement Directorate.

20 Dec 2021

Tracing the evolution of Bankruptcy Code

There is a lot of pendency at both the NCLT and NCLAT due to unfulfilled vacancies, and more than 70% of cases are not resolved within the 180-day timeline

05 Nov 2021

Covid, corporations and climate change

Some of the areas where our country has performed poorly and may not be able to abide by its commitment under the Paris Agreement are fossil fuels, support for agriculture and coal

15 Oct 2021

The intersection of IPR and Competition Law 

Intellectual property rights law and competition law have been treated as conflicting in nature as their goals seem to be at loggerheads. But...

16 Sep 2021

Nullification of retrospective taxes a relief

The positive step of scrapping the inequitable provision was imminent after the passing of the award in favour of Cairn.

20 Aug 2021

On economic measures during COVID-19

The government needs to take measures to give an immediate push to businesses that are struggling to survive while also generating employment

04 Aug 2021