Krishna P S

This thing called love

Romantic short film Dear Diya explores true love and the way it aids a person to build a future and let go of past

22 Oct 2021

A Dutch-Malayali dessert affair!

Sara Lisa met Vibin Varghese while she was working as a chef on a ship.

21 Oct 2021

Reclaiming realities

Through his artworks, Akhil Thampuran finds his roots and explores many hidden realities and dimensions

12 Oct 2021

Crossing over worlds

Soorya’s digital series transforms the sedentary lives of Malayalis into extraordinary frames of classical paintings

23 Sep 2021

Beautiful world around us

We have seen many famous artists lament about the dark side of fame. In ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’, Sally Rooney puts her tryst with popularity into perspective

21 Sep 2021

All about the little joys

Kapil Gopinathan loves creating miniatures of both mundane and eclectic things that pique his interest

17 Sep 2021

Mightier than guns

In Load Poems Like Guns, Farzana Marie translates poems by brave women of Afghanistan that describe the horrors of the Taliban rule with ghazal like lyrical beauty

14 Sep 2021

Between the greys

Neetha Joseph’s artworks dwell on the dark alleys of the human mind and give you many perspectives to ponder upon

11 Sep 2021

Vibrant minimalism

The Fort-Kochi-based clothing store adds popping, bright colours to the mix to attract new clientele

08 Sep 2021

Old and gold

Namitha Raveendranathan’s digital paintings have a life of their own. In bright, vivid colours, each stroke renders magic and mystery in the mundane

02 Sep 2021

Between real and surreal

Alex Abraham’s illustrations explore his childhood and adulthood in a lush-green village and in an imaginary urban jungle, respectively

01 Sep 2021

Riding in saree

Lekshmi C Pillai started her auto-mobiles channel less than a year ago. However, she has enamoured viewers with her elegant style and simple explanations

27 Aug 2021

In love with hues

Kochi-based Shehana Fathima’s love for colours inspired her to be an artist. Each painting is an elaborate affair that can take you to a fairytale

26 Aug 2021

Horrors coming alive again

As the people of Afghanistan fight and flee for their lives, Khaled Hosseini’s ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ paints a picture of the days ahead if everything goes wrong

24 Aug 2021

Confronting the dark and grotesque

Indu Menon’s characters come from all walks of life, many sexualities, genders. They  etch themselves into our hearts

03 Aug 2021