Krishna P S

The story of fallen trees and the ‘other place’

The fast-growing cityscape near the Vembanad lake, however, was a forest centuries ago, says P Prakash, toponymist and president of Changampuzha Samskarika Kendram.

22 Nov 2022

Love, rage, etc.

Though people are not victim-blaming Sharon, his murder has become the subject of jokes and memes.

02 Nov 2022

When art meets church

Churches in Kerala are not just religious spaces, some are great architectural marvels, filled with art and artefacts.

29 Oct 2022

For your purrfect flatmates

A House with a backyard is not always possible for city dwellers. That’s why many opt for flats or apartment complexes.

28 Oct 2022

What the woke is going on?

Heightened social consiousness? Or, rebels without a cause? TNIE takes a look at woke culture that has become a global discussion point

20 Oct 2022

Lives, lore from the banks of Narmada

Gond art exhibition displays mesmerising frames inspired by the tales of the tribe

19 Oct 2022

United by love,‘divided’ by law

A recent SC observation that   atypical relations such as live-in and queer partnerships should be considered family gives hope to the LGBTQ+ community

13 Oct 2022

Veg beef fry, anyone? 

Many Malayalis cannot survive without meat or fish. Some say they “cannot even imagine” rice without fish curry or fry.

11 Oct 2022

Can’t criticise Islam in Kerala: C Ravichandran

There was a time when I was called a communist. But as I started criticising Islam and reservation, I have a got a new title. Because, in Kerala, you cannot criticise Islam.

01 Oct 2022

The hijab hitch

Protests in Iran yet again stir up the headscarf conundrum in India. TNIE speaks to women and 
academics in Kerala on the issue  

28 Sep 2022


A new book, ‘Possibilities of Power’, documents Inspector-General P Vijayan’s social outreach projects. TNIE catches up with the author and the officer  

15 Sep 2022

When youths come together...

Rise Up Forum, an NGO started by three youngsters, is working towards the development of various vulnerable communities

14 Sep 2022

Plein pleasures

TNIE joins a unique group of artists who have been capturing the soul of Kochi through their Sunday-morning excursions

13 Sep 2022

Musing over mews

There is something about them... their antics... their cute li’l paws. Thanks to the unique, mysterious charm, popularity of cats is surging 

06 Sep 2022

Picture Imperfect: Malayalam cinema must do homework on mental health issues

Filmmakers are experimenting and breaking barriers. However, it is disappointing to note glaring discrepancies, biased narratives, regressive dialogues & plain lack of research even in this age.

24 Aug 2022