Krishna P S

Sculpting spontaneity

Manu Osho and Joseph Sherry are working together to break the stereotypes that differentiate art from everyday lives

24 Feb 2022

To any first-time viewer, Anjana’s landscapes are utopian

Anjana Lohithakshan has been painting abstract landscapes since the pandemic outbreak. They are usually euphoric, calm and utopian, but occasionally dark and destructive.

22 Feb 2022

Reclaiming the feminine spirit

While observing the exhibition by artist Rejani S R, one might need a moment to breath.

09 Feb 2022

Letters to God and life

The Color Purple is a heart-wrenching read that narrates a black woman’s quest for freedom and self-worth

08 Feb 2022

Chasing dream reels

Ajith Shaji’s prolific illustrations are deeply mystical and surreal like your hazy dreams were given a life

02 Feb 2022

Ode to tender friendships

Jean Chen Ho’s debut work ‘Fiona and Jane’ is an odd to female friendships — those that are deep, tender and real

01 Feb 2022

Art out of control

Babitha Rajiv’s surreal frames tell tales that are beautiful, yet violent and dark

28 Jan 2022

Dream comes true for this young patriot from Kerala on Republic Day

Srinivas will march alongside fellow NCC cadets on Republic Day in New Delhi

27 Jan 2022

Customised comfort

Aaraam Se designs clothes exclusively for the differently-abled and elderly, who are rarely the target group for mainstream fashion

26 Jan 2022

Chasing wilderness

Fathma Shihab’s artworks are intricate, political and wild with hopes for a new free world

25 Jan 2022

Pixel cute

Anakims Varghese’s pixel arts make everything cute and funny. From Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings to Pepe the Frog, her works have myriad themes and characters

22 Jan 2022

Water Metro Jetty violates heritage norms

The beautiful view of Chinese nets against the twilight sky is something unique to Fort Kochi Kerala.

21 Jan 2022

Wordle: The quirky viral game

Wordle, created by UK-based software engineer Josh Wardle, has taken the internet by storm. The simple guessing game is a breath of fresh air for many, especially book lovers

21 Jan 2022

It’s metal time 

Manuel Justin’s journey from an electrician to a metal sculptor wasn’t easy. But the art comes to him naturally. 

20 Jan 2022

CSML cancels Rs 166 crore sewage plant project in West Kochi

However, the protesters say they welcome the plant but the only problem is the land chosen for it.

19 Jan 2022

All the wild things

The relationship between man and nature form the centre of Sarath’s drawings

11 Jan 2022

The last smile

Salil P Vaasudevan is exploring the last moments and the last smile of Christ in his latest works

05 Jan 2022

Yet another winter: An ode to passing seasons of pain and hope

The works on display are a product of collective trauma and isolation, he adds.

05 Jan 2022

Kochi grounded on New Year’s eve

Since Covid-related restrictions were relaxed a few months ago, lives had started getting back to normal

31 Dec 2021

Straight talk

Latheesh Lakshman’s work mocks the Malayali society’s false sense of superiority and the heteronormative narrative rampant in our culture

30 Dec 2021

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