Lakshmi Sankaran

Secrets from a Ceylon kitchen

Suba aluth auwrudh dhak vewa. Puthandu vazhthukal. These are the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year greetings.

13 Apr 2020

In the Age of Anxiety

07 Jul 2015

Dealing With Anger

21 Aug 2014

Well-being: Don’t Let Negativity Weigh You Down

Sarika is so cheerful even though she is confined to a wheelchair after her accident.

21 Feb 2014

Understanding How to Make the Right Decisions

Some of you like Sheila may have to decide what course to join, and many of you with various options have to make the best choices.

30 Jan 2014

Perfect the Art of Balancing One Act at a Time

Anika manages to do so many things at the same time. She works on her science project on her computer downloads music, chats with her friends, emails others and surfs the Internet for information on her project.

19 Dec 2013

Stress and the Role of Social Support

There is so much information in the media about how the difficulties faced by stressed out students stepping out into today’s demanding world.

28 Nov 2013

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