Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)

Eyes on the Iran-Israel standoff

One is tempted to dive into the recent riots in Jerusalem and the sudden reawakening in Gaza, but the evolving situation between Iran and Israel bears greater strategic significance

21 hours ago

Dealing with the trauma of COVID

Death in a hospital, on an ICU bed and under effective medical care brings a level of mental satisfaction to family members, of having done their best to save a life.

04 May 2021

Understanding Biden’s decision on Afghanistan

The relative stability in the Middle East appears to have convinced the US regime that the danger from extremist Islam is secondary compared to the threat from China

19 Apr 2021

Understanding the fascination with drones

Drone warfare is in its nascent stages but a surge is going to happen with rapidly developing technologies. War-fighting doctrines need to be shaped to absorb this new capability

05 Apr 2021

Peace in the subcontinent: Is Pakistan serious?

The last four attempts at rapprochement were derailed due to actions initiated from Pak. What has changed in Islamabad that we can foresee a different course ahead? 

22 Mar 2021

Fleshing out the LoC ceasefire

What can be done to ensure that the ceasefire agreement with Pakistan works without hiccups and progressively ushers in a peace process?

08 Mar 2021

J&K: Can state's internal security do without army?

With the situation in J&K much better after the Article 370 move, there are murmurs afoot again about reducing the Army’s footprint, if not wholesale withdrawal.

08 Feb 2021