Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)

Securing Kashmir against emerging terror threats

Security forces need to re-calibrate their strategy by adopting a hybrid approach of strong measures along with engagement and sensitisation.

15 Jun 2022

Pakistan’s Proxy War In J&K: Joining The Dots

Islamabad merrily uses UN Resolutions and calls for their implementation but never agrees to the first provision—the withdrawal of all its troops before the next steps.

31 May 2022

Review of the J&K situation: What’s in store this season?

In all calls for surrender given by security forces at incident sites where cordons are laid, the rookies have preferred death.

03 May 2022

The challenges that a post-Imran Pakistan faces

Some factionalism appears to have entered into the otherwise tradition-bound Pakistan Army and General Bajwa is likely to be one of the biggest losers of this entire game.

17 Apr 2022

Danger of political instability in Pakistan

Unpredictability marks most political developments in Islamabad, but a constitutional crisis of the current proportion has not been witnessed for some time.

05 Apr 2022

Imponderables and inconsistencies of the Ukraine war

The Russian army may have been experimenting, at the outset of the war, with employment of limited resources but the failures to make headway has led to overkill.

22 Mar 2022

Contradictions in Ukraine and how the conflict could end

The bull-headed Russian approach may fetch it eventual domination in the battlefield but this would be the beginning of a proxy war that NATO will launch.

08 Mar 2022

Information threats to India's security

The Ukraine standoff shows the power of hybrid conflict. We can look into the creation of an authority with multi-disciplinary presence that can be tasked to evaluate such threats.

22 Feb 2022

Ukraine at the doorstep of unlikely war

The Russians were patient till 2014. As NATO absorbed nations of the former Warsaw Pact and former Soviet republics, it was like the slow turn of the screw.

08 Feb 2022

The implications of China’s bridge across Pangong Tso

Much against what is being written about the offensive nature of the bridge, it actually amounts to a defensive action by the PLA as a result of the new threat that the Indian Army poses.

25 Jan 2022

AFSPA debate: What could be a possible solution?

We need to restore confidence on both sides and ensure an atmosphere of reasonable operational freedom without harming people, whom the military also treats as its centre of gravity.

11 Jan 2022

Pakistan’s obsession continues from Jammu & Kashmir to Punjab

With the change in the geopolitical situation involving the Sino-Indian standoff and the events in Afghanistan, Pakistan has obviously sensed an opportunity to destabilise New Delhi.

29 Dec 2021

Inspiration from India’s wars, on Swarnim Vijay Diwas

Gadra Road, Assal Uttar, Dograi and Haji Pir are among the important places from 1965. These should form a prominent part of the syllabus for defence and civil services exams

16 Dec 2021

Analysing India’s threat spectrum

An interesting debate has emerged on whether conventional conflict remains a significant part of India’s security or if hybrid threat scenarios will dominate in the future

16 Nov 2021

Are India’s borders under renewed threat?

Our emerging commitment to the Indo-US strategic partnership provides insufficient support for our dilemma in dealing with both China and Pakistan at the land borders.

18 Oct 2021