Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)

Post-Afghanistan geopolitical potpourri

In its desire to move away from the Middle East theatre, which includes Afghanistan, and refocus on the Indo-Pacific, the US may have dug a hole of instability in the heart of Asia

20 Sep 2021

India and the world need to worry more about terror

The ISI director general’s early visit to Kabul is not for the sake of the Taliban, but more for Pakistan’s interests and we know where these lie

07 Sep 2021

Afghanistan: From here to where?

Weapons proliferation is one of the most dangerous outcomes of recent events. There is the potential of human resources, terror finances and weapons reaching J&K.

23 Aug 2021

J&K: Strategise to reinforce initial success

To cement the success in Kashmir, there is a dire need for a strategy with a clearly earmarked role for different organisations. None of this should be left to imagination 

10 Aug 2021

Kargil 99: Recalling the challenge

There is yet speculation that the lessons of Kargil have not manifested sufficiently to prevent India being strategically surprised. Eastern Ladakh 2020 is often quoted.

27 Jul 2021

Amid US exit, chaos abounds in Afghanistan

Neutralising Osama was a moral victory for the US but little else seems to have been achieved. It is making the same mistake it did in Iraq—a premature conflict termination

12 Jul 2021

Jammu and Kashmir: Opening windows towards peace

By inviting the J&K politicians for talks, some of the venom of regional politics has been neutralised and the path towards more substantive issues appears to have been cleared

26 Jun 2021

Eastern Ladakh: A year after Galwan faceoff

In the face of continuously reported PLA upgradation in Tibet, we need to prepare deliberate defences in depth and have the means to also carry out offensive operations

31 May 2021

Eyes on the Iran-Israel standoff

One is tempted to dive into the recent riots in Jerusalem and the sudden reawakening in Gaza, but the evolving situation between Iran and Israel bears greater strategic significance

17 May 2021

Dealing with the trauma of COVID

Death in a hospital, on an ICU bed and under effective medical care brings a level of mental satisfaction to family members, of having done their best to save a life.

04 May 2021

Understanding the fascination with drones

Drone warfare is in its nascent stages but a surge is going to happen with rapidly developing technologies. War-fighting doctrines need to be shaped to absorb this new capability

05 Apr 2021

Peace in the subcontinent: Is Pakistan serious?

The last four attempts at rapprochement were derailed due to actions initiated from Pak. What has changed in Islamabad that we can foresee a different course ahead? 

22 Mar 2021

Fleshing out the LoC ceasefire

What can be done to ensure that the ceasefire agreement with Pakistan works without hiccups and progressively ushers in a peace process?

08 Mar 2021

J&K: Can state's internal security do without army?

With the situation in J&K much better after the Article 370 move, there are murmurs afoot again about reducing the Army’s footprint, if not wholesale withdrawal.

08 Feb 2021

Beijing’s strategic messaging shifts to West Asia 

A strong China-Iran link in the economic and strategic domains will counter the US attempt to shift the focus of the world to the Indo-Pacific

21 Jul 2020

Imran Khan’s unsuccessful anti-India tirade

It managed to get China to initiate an unrecorded discussion in the UN Security Council to flag concerns over J&K.

26 Oct 2019

‘Sacrifice of Indian soldiers of the Empire was never recognised by national leadership’

Over a million Indian troops participated overseas while the overall strength touched almost 1.4 million.

11 Nov 2018

Pakistan’s Ahmadis: Pariah within Islamic society

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan and Ordinance XX declares Ahmadis to be non-Muslims and further deprives them of religious rights.

14 Sep 2018

Balance is Answer—No Despondency or Elation

We are an emotive people. For all the positives that emotions evoke, assessments made in their wake, insufficient substance to balance them sometimes create problems in the strategic sphere.

21 Dec 2013