M Saravanan

Cotton price in Tamil Nadu increases by Rs 43,000 per candy in two years

Southern India Mills Association general secretary K Selvaraju said that the central government must eliminate the import duty of 11 per cent on cotton to ease the price in the domestic market.

1 hour ago

Moon Man’s long-standing dream becomes a reality

Lake in Kothavadi village is nearing full capacity after three decades.

20 Dec 2021

Tamil Nadu mourns Coonoor copter crash victims

On hearing that the mortal remains might be kept for the public to pay homage, hundreds gathered in front of the Madras Regimental Centre from Thursday morning.

10 Dec 2021

Coonoor helicopter mishap: 'One of the injured men asked for water', recount eyewitnesses

With chills running down his spine, an eyewitness immediately called his neighbour, who alerted the police and by then, eight men who live nearby headed to the crash site.

09 Dec 2021

Sulur chopper tragedy: 'Never seen anything this tragic', say Coonoor fire and rescue personnel 

Fire and Rescue Services personnel hardly had a few minutes to rush from the Wellington airbase near Coonoor, where they were deputed in view of the official's scheduled visit, to the accident site.

08 Dec 2021

TNSTC bus falls short of mark, driver sits on protest in Kovai

P Nandhakumar who drives the bus between Coimbatore and Theni, alleged that the issues had not been rectified despite him logging complaints for more than two months.

30 Nov 2021

Coimbatore: Driver resorts to dharna to get TNSTC bus fixed

A TNSTC driver sat on a protest in front of the mechanic office in Ukkadam Bus Depot, alleging poor maintenance of the bus he drives.

30 Nov 2021

Tomatoes rationed in Coimbatore to prevent bulk purchase

Agricultural department has implemented a rationing system to prevent bulk purchase of tomato at Uzhavar Sandhais (farmers’ markets).

26 Nov 2021

Tomatoes rationed in Coimbatore to prevent bulk purchase

While the Uzhavar Sandhai price stood at Rs 70-75 per kg, in Coimbatore, tomato retailed at Rs 120 on Thursday, November 25.

26 Nov 2021

Good rains but Chinnavedampatti lake in Coimbatore still dry

Activists and volunteers who are working for the protection of the water body say destruction of supply canal by brick kilns is reason for the poor water flow to the lake, which spans 200 acres.

20 Nov 2021

Post mortem at night harsh on the eyes?

While activists say family members of the deceased need not wait long to receive bodies, forensic experts voiced apprehension that identifying colour would be difficult under artificial light.

18 Nov 2021

Test asks students to specify caste category, draws flak

The test was conducted by the NAS cell of CBSE across the State, except in Chennai and a few other districts due to the rains, at select government and private schools.

13 Nov 2021

TNPCB re-classifies code, coir units no longer clean

Following the reclassification, coir industries have to get approval from the pollution control board and their operation will be monitored periodically.

12 Nov 2021

Overuse sinks water levels in eight TN districts

Experts have appealed to the State government to regulate borewells and ban sand mining to prevent the situation from turning precarious.

02 Nov 2021

Covid makes gender affirmation operation costlier

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced transgender persons in the State to shell out twice the amount of money they used to pay to undergo gender affirmation surgeries.

29 Oct 2021