MVK Sastry

Re-emergence of turbans as headgear of choice

B Narayana Rao, a turban maker from Nizamabad, contests that point.

07 Aug 2022

54 private hospitals put on notice in Nizamabad District over forceful C-sections

The committee inspected several private hospitals and found 54 in violation of guidelines of C-section deliveries. Of these 54 hospitals, 37 are in Nizamabad, nine in Armoor and remaining in Bodhan.

01 Aug 2022

Goldsmiths in Telangana seek govt help to save their livelihood

In the last two years, a number of jewellery stores have set up big showrooms in the town.

06 Jun 2022

Sudi Nimmakaya, a fruit that promises rich health benefits

The fruit is also known as Gaja Nimmapandu belongs to the citrus class of fruits and is raised sparingly in citrus orchards by farmers.

29 May 2022

Kavitha likely to take on Arvind again in Nizamabad

Incidentally, Arvind had challenged Kavitha to contest the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections against him and settle the issue of who can lay claim to Nizamabad seat once and for all.

29 May 2022

Centre begins process to bring turmeric under Agri Ministry

In fact, since 2006, farmers have been demanding the constitution of the National Turmeric Board here to address the issues related to farmers and ensure MSP.  

25 May 2022

Sports aficionados bask in glory of golden girl Nikhat

She was a student of Nirmal Hriday and took up boxing from Class VIII, going on to represent the State in national-level tournaments.

21 May 2022

BJP, TRS go all out to gain upper hand in Nizamabad

With the State Assembly elections on the horizon, the political heat is rising in Nizamabad district.

10 May 2022

Trees in front of Nizamabad Collector’s office stand tall amid rapid urbanisation

 Old trees are providing shade to the hundreds and thousands of people visiting the Collector’s office in Nizamabad from several parts of the district.

08 May 2022

‘Maha’ loss for refuel stations in Nizamabad

An oil company official said that Nizamabad zone comes under low value business area since fuel was almost always cheaper in Maharashtra.

06 May 2022

Centre’s push for alternative fuels to help change Nizamabad’s fortunes?

Sources said the Centre has decided to blend as much as 30 per cent of ethanol in petrol by October in comparison to the 10 per cent allowed currently. 

06 May 2022

Telangana couple dies by suicide after argument over fish curry

Differences cropped up between the couple a few months ago and they have been fighting regularly.

22 Feb 2022

A 70-year-old writer refuses to retire

Though he hails from a Roman Catholic family, his tale of devotion to Dattatreya, believed to be an avatar of Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, is well-known.  

30 Jan 2022

Armoor, the next battleground in TRS-BJP war

Arvind also promised to defeat A Jeevan Reddy of the TRS by a margin of over 50,000 votes, in case the pink party gives him the ticket.

28 Jan 2022

Nizamabad residents who fell prey to lucky draw ‘scams’ form association

According to victims, the organisers of such schemes targeted poor and middle-class families asked them to join in the scheme; collected huge amounts from the victims and vanished.

14 Jan 2022