Madhavi S Mahadevan

'Moustache' book review: Stunning tales of the tash

A struggle for identity, the courage to stand up to the oppressor, violence and more pepper the pages of this unique story.

28 Nov 2020

'The Man Who Learnt to Fly but Could Not Land' book review: Flights of fancy

This masterful translation is a poignant exploration of a country's rebirth and the life of idealist KTN Kottoor, a writer and activist from Malabar in the pre-Independence years.

17 Oct 2020

'The Day Before Today book review: Dark tales of the times

Quick and easy reads, these stories are as much about preserving memories as they are about persevering through tough times.

03 Oct 2020

'Checkmate' book review: A Chequered History

As in most thrillers, the narrative runs along two interweaving tracks but the element of surprise sputters like a poor firecracker.

28 Jun 2020

The Song of Life and Other Stories: Compassion breathing in each word

While these stories echo Indian attitudes, tradition and beliefs, they also examine the clash with modernity.

02 May 2020

'The King of the Sea' book review: Wisdom quotes for all occasions

A difficult read, the writing offers an alphabet soup of prose, poetry, metaphysics and the outright absurd

12 Apr 2020

'Amnesty' book review: A day in the life of an immigrant

Offering a take on an immigrant’s experience, the characters here present different emotions and are also intriguing in their own right.

21 Mar 2020

The untold stories of Jaipur Literature Festival

With its 13th edition this year, JLF director Namita Gokhale gives us a docu-story that lays bare the iconic literary carnival.

15 Feb 2020

These, Our Bodies, Possessed By Light: The storyteller’s tale

Besides the common DNA threading these women, a focal event binds all five into one frame.

01 Feb 2020

'The lives of Freda' review: Woman extraordinaire

The two were married in 1933. Bedi, a Sikh, came from a feudal family who were direct descendants of the religion’s first guru.

21 Apr 2019