Madhavi S Mahadevan

BOOK REVIEW | Were Mughal Harems a gilded cage?  Subhadra Sen Gupta shares insight

In the 331 years of Mughal rule, thousands of women—queens, princesses and concubines—lived out their entire lives in the mahal

04 Jan 2020

'The Silence and the Storm' book review: The Continuing Nightmare of Women’s Lives

Being a woman in India is a complicated business.

30 Nov 2019

A footnote in history

Though there are several narrators, the story is mainly told by Basappa, a school teacher, who comes to the settlement to instil basic literacy skills in the children.

16 Nov 2019

The memoir of an army officer that evokes the right sensory images

Its chief attribute is that of drawing readers into a different world, and keeping them there—just like a good story. This is a story well-told.

13 Oct 2019

'An Orchestra of Minorities' book review: A take on Igbo myth and Chi

'An Orchestra of Minorities' by Chigozie Obioma is part of the shortlist for the Man Booker prize 2019.

05 Oct 2019

A slice of social commentary

It happens, now and then, that you come across a short story you love so much that you turn back to its beginning and start to read it again.

21 Sep 2019

'The lives of Freda' review: Woman extraordinaire

The two were married in 1933. Bedi, a Sikh, came from a feudal family who were direct descendants of the religion’s first guru.

21 Apr 2019