Madhulika Liddle

Challenging Covid, India style

The other day, I was chatting with a friend who lives in the US. She was crowing about having gone for her Covid vaccination. Pfizer, she informed me.

15 May 2021

A coloniser by any other name

As a study in contrast, he suggested America, so powerful, so much in the forefront of medical services, the country which ruled India for 200 years yet failing to control coronavirus.

17 Apr 2021

'Mahe & Mano' book review: An extraordinary life

Devadoss, after all, has been a scientist and chemist, philanthropist and writer, and in all these fields, he has made significant contributions.

10 Apr 2021

Covid shot or selfie shot?

You know the people I mean: the ones who love their own faces so much, they’ve had enough of having to take selfies with masks obscuring their faces

26 Mar 2021

Memories of a trying time

Only one character in all these stories actually suffers from Covid-19, and that too is shown only briefly.

06 Feb 2021

'Ayo Gorkhali: A History of the Gurkhas' book review - Beneath the tough exterior

Here is a comprehensive account that begins from the rise of the Gorkha kingdom ruled by Prithvi Narayan Shah

23 Jan 2021

Breaking racist stereotypes surrounding Indians

Ask any not-exceptionally-aware foreigner, and you can expect a few stock responses. Mysticism. Yoga. Snake charmers. Dirt. Crowds.

23 Jan 2021

Life of the compulsive protestor

Even if all that they get for their efforts is bombardment by water-cannons, or a lathi charge, at least they’re standing up for democracy. They are to be lauded.

18 Dec 2020

'Feral Dreams' book review: The jungle that is not 

Feral Dreams pays homage to The Jungle Book in several ways, but it is by no means a retelling.

28 Nov 2020

To log in or not is the question

My Facebook friends list is an eclectic one. On any given day, I can pretty much expect to see posts of a very varied type.

13 Nov 2020

'Illiberal India: Gauri Lankesh and the Age of Unreason': A sharp look at India today

Woven in with the history of Gauri Lankesh’s life is the country’s history.

14 Jul 2018