Madhulika Liddle

'Dadamoni: The Life and Times of Ashok Kumar' review: Biography of an accidental actor

Chronicles of a man who epitomised the idea of the quintessential hero for an entire generation of Indian audience

11 Jun 2022

Love Over Death, That is the Hope

Love, life, everything must bow before death.

09 Apr 2022

Musings of a Maverick

These seven years form the focus of Deepak’s memoir Maine Mandu Nahin Dekha, translated from Hindi into English by Jerry Pinto as I Have Not Seen Mandu.

19 Mar 2022

Up, Close and Personal

Karanth has been the subject of various biographies, including his autobiography, Ten Faces of a Whimsical Mind.

05 Mar 2022

Revisiting Ghalib

Interestingly, the authors are able to show that even in couplets that seem to be only about love, Ghalib often conveys a far deeper meaning, that may be extended to ideas well beyond love. 

05 Feb 2022

'Theeyoor Chronicles' Book Review: Route to resilience

There is no single plot, with little binding the chapters together, besides a common geographical setting.

11 Dec 2021

'The Tatas, Freddie Mercury & Other Bawas' book review| An insider's account of Zoroastrians

Coomi Kapoor's new book covers a detailed history of the community, its origins and progress made by them over the past few centuries.

20 Nov 2021

'Funeral Nights' book review: Chronicles of a funeral foretold

It was more like sitting down with old friends and listening to conversations. Amusing, enlightening, witty conversations that opened my eyes, made me think. 

22 Oct 2021

'Illiberal India: Gauri Lankesh and the Age of Unreason': A sharp look at India today

Woven in with the history of Gauri Lankesh’s life is the country’s history.

14 Jul 2018