Madhulika Liddle

Rationally Faithful 

By quoting instances, which are well-known and were at the time going viral on social media, Chaudhuri makes his point easier to understand and relatable.

25 Nov 2023

The greatness of being Ashoka

An informative book that goes beyond the Mauryan emperor’s litany of battles and reforms, 
to focus on his personality through inscriptions.

28 Oct 2023

Trial by patriarchy

A sobering anthology set over four decades ago that serves as a despairing reminder of how little has changed for women in India.

29 Sep 2023

'Where the madness lies: Citizen accounts of identity and nationalism' review:  Facts and feelings

An informative and thought-provoking book that examines the journeys of India’s marginalised through the country’s history.

30 Jun 2023

Lores of Yore

A collection of popular as well as lesser-known stories from the Puranas made accessible and memorable through vivid illustrations

08 Jun 2023

Isreal Conflict