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Add some Turkish flavour to your quarantine recipes with these dishes

Satiate your hunger panks with these mouth-watering Turkish dishes. Here's the list!

30 May 2020

The Corona Diet

The world has gone into standby mode like never before in the past century and we have a microscopic virus to blame for it.

04 Apr 2020

Inevitable Italian Gastronomy

Over time I realised that truly great Italian fare was never about just the stuff on the plate.

08 Feb 2020

The trouble with foodies

My writings rarely carry reviews, although, today, in an act somewhat unbecoming of me, I have allowed myself to share names above in both good and bad light.

11 Aug 2019

The only constant is change

Chef Manish Mehrotra’s Indian Accent (IA) has put India on the world gastronomy map. But to be fair it isn’t the only one.

13 Jul 2019

Aged to Perfection

The trouble with champagne is that it is most often revered but rarely drank.

06 Jun 2019

A Lesson in Pairing

Recently, I worked on a restaurant’s wine programme.

02 May 2019

Single But Do Not Mingle

If I had a Time Machine, I would go back in history to when man invented plastic and, possibly, shoot him or her in the face.

29 Mar 2019

From Japan, with love

An equal position of love and adornment is occupied in my heart by Japan.

02 Mar 2019

Haute cuisine

For the longest time, the stand-alone business has been hitting hotels where it hurts most.

06 Jan 2019

Essence of france

I remember when I first arrived in France to study, I spoke a smattering of French, most of it with horrible grammar and a terrible accent to boot.

24 Nov 2018

India and the Michelin

Recently, I was privy to a very finely curated meal by the German Sühring Twins who run Bangkok’s top table.

22 Sep 2018

Fine (French) dining

Of all the traditional cuisines not too liked by the average diner, French cuisine rates very high. It is written off for being bland, and rather expensive.

11 Aug 2018

Rise of Rental Cuisine

It’s common for cuisines to adopt local flavours in foreign lands so as to appeal to the locals but places that pose as fine dining spaces should know better.

01 Jul 2018

Fantastic fine dining

Food, apart from feeding, should always fascinate.

02 Jun 2018

Awards that should be

If I had a penny for every random outfit that decides to confer their own restaurant awards just because their star-boy likes to get his free meals there, I would still have lesser pennies than the nu

12 Apr 2018

Vegetarian luxury

I am no food critic (nor a foodie, or worse still, a blogger), but I will be the first one to acknowledge that the ITC Hotels have done a fabulous job of preserving the traditional Indian fare.

10 Mar 2018

The (Re)Source of Success

In an era when restaurants open and shut like a dime a dozen, there are a few that I absolutely don’t enjoy.

20 Jan 2018

The winter elixir

Recently, when pollution hit an alarmingly high level, just like last year, we hit an even higher note of concern.

30 Nov 2017

Judging by the cover

Today I am going to the write about the most comfortable restaurant in the history of restaurants.

11 Nov 2017

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