Mahima Anna Jacob

Pranking or prying?

Recent tussles between digital content creators and the public raise the question of where to draw the line in the case of ‘prank’ and candid videos. How much is too much? 

19 Sep 2023

Sandra sparkles as India strikes gold at International blind cricket in England

Close on the heels of Minnu Mani making Kerala proud, the state got another reason to celebrate. Among the victors was 22-year-old Sandra Davis K, hailing from Thrissur.

13 Sep 2023

Long story, cut short 

A section of artists left disillusioned as the prestigious Onam ‘Varaghosham’ in the capital ‘drops’ some ancient, dying folk arts. Officials cite new additions and fund shortage for the exclusion.

06 Sep 2023

From the ground up

Members of Sachivothamapuram Colony in Kurichy have formed a theatre community to promote progressive ideals.

31 Aug 2023

Festive finale

Unlike the years before, 2023 saw a slight lull in business in the days leading up to Onam.

25 Aug 2023

Masterstrokes without hands

On August 19, Ma Joie, said to be the world’s first gallery dedicated to mouth and foot artists, hosted a live art session with four extraordinary creators.

22 Aug 2023

Spudstory: A look at how potatoes became a successful global food

In many parts of the world, August 19 is celebrated as Potato Day. TNIE takes a look at how the spud, which was native to the Americans, became a global staple.

19 Aug 2023

Thalaivar Ka Hukum

As Jailer continues its rampage at the box office, TNIE takes a look at the man, masala and mojo. 

16 Aug 2023

Kalabhavan diaries: For old-timers, the memories of their association with Siddique are endless

Unlike most of the others, Siddique aspired to become a filmmaker, not an actor. “In fact, he used to discuss the ‘Ramji Rao Speaking’ thread and other story ideas back in those days,” recalls Prasad.

10 Aug 2023

Final take: Siddique Ismail, goodbye to a beloved industry icon

After all, Siddique, along with his longtime buddy Lal, was a common man’s filmmaker. Most of the duo’s films made a special connection with the masses.

10 Aug 2023

Kerala's visually impaired star gets World Games call 

A second-year BEd student at NSS Training College in Ottapalam, Sandra was determined to become a sportsperson from a young age.

05 Aug 2023

Beyond the biggies: A look at some small wonders of wildlife

This World Nature Conservation Day, TNIE reporter Mahima Anna Jacob takes a look at some small wonders of wildlife that call for enhanced research and conservation efforts

28 Jul 2023

Toy story 

For many, the movie Barbie has brought back cherished childhood memories of them playing with dolls and toys. TNIE walks down memory lane with toy collectors and toy makers of Kerala

26 Jul 2023

Straight outta Awadh 

The ongoing Lucknow food fest at Port Muziris is an explosion of subtle flavours and tenderest meats 

23 Jul 2023

Oommen Chandy made it easy  

Oommen Chandy left an indelible mark on Kochi’s landscape, with smooth and swift decisions and implementation.  

19 Jul 2023