Mahima Anna Jacob

It’s not just business

For Akshay N V, the newest family member to helm the dairy brand Manikyam, his cattle farm is not just about business. He has reintroduced a bull-driven oil mill 

21 May 2022

This uncle-nephew duo is sowing seeds of preservation in Kerala

Adoor-native Santhosh G and his nephew Manulal S are on a mission to preserve indigenous tree varieties

20 May 2022

Quick and breezy savours

Chef Arun Vijayan’s short recipe vlogs bring out the rich Kerala flavours deftly, inviting many to try them.

19 May 2022

Riding on her passion, this 22-year-old mechanic wants to be a Motor Vehicle Inspector

Youngster Sreedhi P is breaking stereotypes since her childhood from her father’s workshop

18 May 2022

Cab not fab anymore in Kochi

As the fuel prices have breached the Rs 100-mark in several cities the major online cab operators of Kochi, Uber and Ola, have also raised their trip fares.

10 May 2022

Meet Ezekiel Poulose - the urban medicine man

Ezekiel Poulose’s house is a green surprise.

05 May 2022

Let’s talk sustainable fashion

This summer, the hottest fashion trends in Kochi are on the sustainable side. We spoke to designers and buyers about the pros and cons

05 May 2022

Fruitful experiments

Three youngsters in Palakkad are experimenting with lesser-grown crops and making good yields by adapting smart farming methods

29 Apr 2022

Good food alert!

College friends Amrutha and Akshay run their Instagram  page Cochin Food Alert to unite foodies like them who are on the hunt for new flavours

28 Apr 2022

Festive spread

With Vishu, Easter and Ramadan converging, we caught up with chefs at city’s most sought-after hotels to find out what is cooking

14 Apr 2022

Make way for Pulkoodu - Kerala man's homemade electric car

When the entire country is struggling with rising fuel prices and environmental impacts of burning fossil fuels, a 67-year-old man has built a unique electric car that can solve both these problems

08 Apr 2022

Beyond boundaries 

The 24th edition of the Kochi International Book Festival was inaugurated by Óscar Pujol, a Catalan Indologist. 

06 Apr 2022

Kochi Marine Drive is haven for anti-socials

Last week, TNIE reported on the lack of basic infrastructure facilities like toilets or cafes at Marine Drive. This week, we discuss an even more plaguing issue — safety

02 Apr 2022

Marvellous miniatures

Najil creates miniatures of structures like the Sydney Bridge and the Vadakkumnathan Temple with vivid details 

01 Apr 2022

Kunnam’s wishing well

Summers at Kunnam in Mavelikara can be hard. The scorching heat dries up wells in the area and the drought continues till June, says Jayasree M B.

30 Mar 2022