Deconstructing the Pegan

The theory here is that opposites attract.

21 Jul 2022

Of rehab hotels, sleep patches. and medical spas

After Covid struck, rooms are being reserved even six months in advance in many medi-spas.

16 Jul 2022

Dear departed: Viral visualisation of loss and confinement in time of global pandemic 

Firstenberg’s flags formed a Covid obituary by the artist who related numbers to victims.

16 Jul 2022

The art of keeping anonymous identity

The secret collectors, who use advisors and dealers to purchase million-dollar artworks, keep privacy for a variety of reasons ––from ego to dirty money

05 Jul 2022

Presenting mysteries of quotidian life

Mahesh Baliga has burst on the international scene with a solo debut at one of the most prestigious art spaces in the world.

21 May 2022

Going beyond passwords to keep iPhone and iPad safer

If your iPhone has the Face ID function (some old ones don’t), look for the notifications on your lock screen, which come on only after you pick up your phone, and unlock it using your Face ID.

12 Jun 2021

BPS adds three more major senses to other body sensors

Blame it on Aristotle. So far humanity has been coasting along the Greek philosopher’s five senses model to navigate the world.

17 Apr 2021