Maithreyi Soorej

Wordle: The best word forward

Here are some smart strategies to Wordle like a pro and get green-squared in less than two attempts

12 Feb 2022

New York's Lily Dale: Commune that communes with the dead

An ancient American spiritualist community is where registered mediums pass on messages from the deceased to their loved ones

11 Dec 2021

Food in comic panels and morality tales

The deviation is the culinary comic in the form of the comic cookbook with characters, stories and the history of cuisines.

20 Nov 2021

Is apple a fruit or a coconut: Job interview questions become more creative

An outlier interview question decides the difference between the productivity of an average performer and a star

21 Aug 2021

Stones of the Death Valley

Their embankments are of mud and stone. The biggest pile among them is San Tash, about four metres high and 56 metres in diameter. 

22 May 2021

Vaccine tourism is here

People are paying top euro for vaccination tours to Russia and Turkey that include luxury spa vacations and Sputnik V vaccine.

19 May 2021

Facing it with stones: Ancient Chinese healing practice Gua Sha takes the internet by storm

Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese healing practice, has taken beauty care by storm, and has become quite the rage on Instagram and TikTok

16 May 2021