Makarand R Paranjape

Life in extremistan: Managing both pandemic and panic

Better leadership and governance at all levels of decision-making are crucial, rather than over-concentration of power and pervasive mistrust of one another

28 Apr 2021

The Ashoka imbroglio: Guide to the perplexed

The crisis at Ashoka University is not an outcome of political interference but of a deeper disconnect between the faculty and the country

30 Mar 2021

'Love Jihad': Why legislative remedies must not be dismissed

Some of the objections to the law are misplaced if we look at the context and history of inter-religious relations in the subcontinent and elsewhere

02 Dec 2020

Defending the Indefensible: Mahathir and the ‘Crisis of Islam’

No matter what the excesses of colonialism, the remark by the veteran Malaysian leader about killing millions of French people in retaliation cannot be morally justified

03 Nov 2020

Two Indian leadership styles: Citizen Pranab vs. Pratham Sevak Modi

There are two opposing types of leaders that Indians most respect. To the first category belong the charismatic and visionary. But equally important is the quiet, self-effacing and dignified leader

12 Sep 2020

Sri Rama: Back to Ayodhya

What commenced in Ayodhya on August 5 was an external manifestation or realisation of the temple to Rama already within

10 Aug 2020