Malini Mannath

Pa Pandi review: A formulaic debut film with some affecting moments

The plot centres around 'Power' Pandi, a popular stunt choreographer of films who having retired, lived with his son. 

15 Apr 2017

Pa Paandi review: A formulaic film with affecting moments

The plot centres around 'Power' Paandi, a popular stunt choreographer who, post retirement, lives with his son.

15 Apr 2017

Sivalinga review: An over-long remake with masala entertainment

An investigative horror-comedy, the film's about the murder of a Muslim youth and the exposing of the culprit.

14 Apr 2017

8 Thotakkal Review: A fitting homage to an Akira Kurosawa classic

A rookie cop has his gun stolen on a crowded bus by a pickpocket. Embarrassed by the incident, he tries to track down the weapon.

08 Apr 2017

Julieum 4 Perum Review: A mildy amusing shaggy dog story

The resultant confusion when a dog named Julie and a young girl with the same name, go missing, forms the crux of the plot.

08 Apr 2017

Kaatru Veliyidai review: A visual treat where roses overpower the guns

This is an intense, emotional and a complex take on love and on human failings and inadequacies.

07 Apr 2017

Routine, but engaging nevertheless

 The story is about a youngster, Prabhu, who tries to extricate himself from the affairs of some petty criminals after inadvertently getting mixed up. Rather bravely, the film does a

01 Apr 2017

A fairly promising attempt 

Set in North Chennai, the film is about Attu (Rishi Rithvik) and his four friends who have taken to a life of crime. As the old adage goes, a man who lives by the sword dies by the sword. This is reinforced through this tale of friendship.

01 Apr 2017

Review: Kavan is a tiresome watch with sporadic entertaining moments

Kavan's about how a simple man takes on the might of a powerful media baron.

31 Mar 2017

A murder mystery that nobody should care about!

The plot centers on a triple murder in a train, the victims all women and apparently unconnected.

25 Mar 2017

Where villians hogged the show

The fi lm begins with the journey of a simple man who tries to tackle a fi nancial issue and gets entangled in the affairs of criminal elements who circulate fake currency notes.

25 Mar 2017

Fans of superstars and their rivalry

Set in the late 80’s, the film revolves around two painters and cut-out artists of fi lm posters; one is a Rajinikanth fan, and the other is a fan of Kamal Haasan.

25 Mar 2017

Jerky twists with a natural flow

Rhelationship between three men changes after an unfortunate event.

25 Mar 2017

Dhayam: A psychological-suspense thriller for hard core lovers of the genre

With horror, mystery and suspense weaved in, the film taking 104 minutes of viewing time is for hard core lovers of the genre.

24 Mar 2017

Vaigai Express: A remake that didn't hit the right chord

The film marks the third joint outing of Kailas- R.K. and their second remake, with R.K. essaying a cop yet again. .

24 Mar 2017

Review: Bruce Lee

The debutant director has tried to stretch a flimsy knot to an unmanageable length, stringing a series of gags and linking a chain of characters to it.

17 Mar 2017

Review: Kattapava Kaanom has real good moments few and far between

The plot revolves around a fish named Kattappa and of how it turns the fortune of the people it comes in contact with.

17 Mar 2017

That unseen link and mistaken identities

So, one is identified by the colour of his shirt, ‘the guy with the red checked shirt’ another as a ‘boy in the school’ etc.  

11 Mar 2017

What a predictable slap fest!

The plot centers around a rogue cop who teams up with an unscrupulous politician to settle scores with his senior officer. How certain circumstances change his mind form the rest. Shifting from horror

11 Mar 2017

Innocence lost in the rain

Child sex abuse and the emotional trauma the victim and the parents undergo, form the theme of the movie. The director has attempted to strike a different chord with the script.

11 Mar 2017

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