2022 polls: BJP braces for split in Jat votes in western Uttar Pradesh

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is facing an uphill task to hold on to the Jat constituency in western Uttar Pradesh in the run-up to the assembly elections early next year.

23 Sep 2021

West Bengal BJP to give more spotlight on local leaders to take on rival Trinamool Congress

The BJP in Bengal is bracing to groom new generation of leadership with a focus on leaders who can match the street power of the ruling Trinamool Congress. 

22 Sep 2021

Congress drama keeps BJP interested in Punjab

Amarinder and BJP share a common bond in practising political nationalism, besides being on the common page over their anxiety to stop AAP from coming to power.

19 Sep 2021

Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar meets PM Modi in Delhi

It comes at a time when the BJP appears to be on a drive to reshuffle party leaderships in states.

17 Sep 2021

'Chintan Shivir': PM Narendra Modi’s ministers get efficiency schooling in marathon meetings 

Presentations were made at the 'Chintan Shivir' by ministers Mandaviya and Pradhan on efficiency and time management.

15 Sep 2021

BJP reset to keep leaders on their toes and energise grassroots-level workers

The reset bell is likely to ring in more states where BJP is in power, with a message that the leadership is looking at alternatives to energise the cadre wherever inertia has set in.

13 Sep 2021

BJP camp kicks off outreach drive in Jammu and Kashmir

The BJP has kicked off a major outreach drive in poll-bound Jammu and Kashmir involving close to 70 Union ministers. 

11 Sep 2021

BJP readies volunteers to push social agenda

BJP is roping in two volunteers each in about two lakh villages across the country who will be trained to act as intermediaries during healthcare needs of people in the rural parts.

10 Sep 2021

BJP confident farmers' protests won’t dent vote bank in UP, Punjab

BJP leaders also indicate there will not be any tangible government outreach to the farmers’ unions in the coming days.

08 Sep 2021

UP polls: Shah faces challenge of halting OBC drift as SP woos Brahmins

Party leaders believe that BJP may have to aggressively woo the likes of Patels, Nishads, Mauryas, Rajbhars and others to boost its prospects.

07 Sep 2021

Modi to expedite administrative reforms promised two years ago? PM asks Cabinet to study BJP's 2019 vision document

Within the BJP, party leaders are particularly looking at three big areas that are yet to be addressed: administrative, police and judicial reforms.

30 Aug 2021

Jan Ashirvad Yatra: Journey to take stock and reboot for BJP as party clings on to 'Brand Modi' factor

Taking the 212 Lok Sabha constituencies in its ambit, the Jan Ashirvad Yatra is one of the largest mobilisation of party cadres after the West Bengal Assembly elections drubbing.

22 Aug 2021

'New farm laws need improvement': Bharatiya Kisan Sangh calls for legislation on MSP

BKS functionary Dinesh Kulkarni said that farmers should get 'remunerative price' for their produce to cover their cost of production, which they are not getting in the existing system.

20 Aug 2021

BJP aims 50 per cent vote share in UP polls to blunt any possible Opposition unity

With the BJP facing the elections in UP along with Uttarakhand early next year, the saffron outfit is learnt to be banking on its past successes of exploiting the caste dynamics in its favour.

17 Aug 2021

Bill passage amid chaos not new trend in recent history of Parliament

The Parliament ruckus and bills passed without discussions appear to be the new normal, with no difference made by parties in power at the Centre.

14 Aug 2021