Manju Latha Kalanidhi 

On the road for six months despite WFH, online classes

Meet the globetrotters family who embarked on a journey joining the ‘Work From Anywhere’ bandwagon, to explore remote villages and small cities across India.

11 Mar 2021

‘Coins help me appreciate the Indian civilisation’: Hyderabad-based data scientist cum coin collector

Data scientist by day and coin collector by night, the Hyderabad-based Giridhar Sripathi has more than 2,000 coins in his collection of various rulers, dynasties and kingdoms.

03 Mar 2021

Cafe in Secunderabad to turn autism-friendly vegan space in April

The cafe will have visual supports such as communication board, emotion flip card, behaviour traffic, coping strategy card, wash hand schedule card, visual menu, social story and activity placements.

16 Feb 2021

Pre-loved clothes get a new platform

To her surprise, the Youtube haul she did showcasing her daughter’s clothes turned out to be a hit and she could sell 80 pc of her clothes within a short span.

06 Feb 2021

Bringing them wigs and smiles

Meet Shiva, a young Hyderabadi hair stylist, who brought smiles to 30 people this year alone by personally arranging free wigs for cancer patients who lost their hair

30 Jan 2021 Leading through worst-case scenarios

Our mission is to help anyone in need – be it with information or procedures or documents

26 Jan 2021

Victim to mentor: Youngster sets up immigration, overseas educational consultancy in Hyderabad

Yespal Veeragoni tells us how he set up an immigration and overseas educational consultancy in Hyderabad after he found himself helpless in the US when his university’s licenses were cancelled

20 Jan 2021

Throwing light on the barely discussed Fragile X syndrome

Given the worldwide ratio of around one in 500 individuals being affected by Fragile X Syndrome, it is safe to say 25,000 in Hyderabad could be suffering the condition.

16 Jan 2021

One for the road: 26-year-old Vimal Geethanandan has his home 'Maaya' on wheels

Three sets of clothes, a sleeping bag, a tent, a laptop, a smartphone, and a camera, Vimal Geethanandan christened the home on wheels 'Maaya'.

10 Jan 2021

Food for thought, thought for food

The 2020 gave us food for thought – about how fragile human health is. 2021 is now making us give some thought to the food we consume and hence the sudden rise in healthy food.

07 Jan 2021

‘Parenting is like a reality show’

Charan himself is a hands-on dad who dotes on his four-year-old son Sree Devansh Narayan and has won hearts about posts on his son.

06 Jan 2021

Going against the tide and trolls

My fans asked me to wish their friends via a brief 20-second video and today they are even paying me for it

06 Jan 2021

Keeping it real and refined

In fact, she loves extracting real stories, stories of struggle and of the underdog, and connect with viewers.

30 Dec 2020

‘Cops Vs Covid-19’ puts Hyderabad City Police under spotlight

The book with 15 chapters enlists how the cops went about their task.

23 Dec 2020

Getting teens to appreciate, love India

From zero to yoga to Ayurveda, India has made milestone contributions to the world and it’s time the Gen X appreciates this and embraces the culture.

23 Dec 2020

An array of Biryanis and Pulaos for the true blue Hyderabadi

Available on prominent food aggregator platforms such as Zomato,  Swiggy and EazyDiner, it can also be ordered  via  the  ITC  F&B App and Takeaway option.

19 Dec 2020

On a roll with poll figures

“My first prediction in public was for 2019 elections. My first tweets were from April 24, 2019, saying BJP would cross 300+ seats.

09 Dec 2020

Don’t treat cinema as plan B:Siddhu Jonnalagadda

‘Lockdown Star’ Siddhu Jonnalagadda is basking in the success of his recent OTT release, Maa Vintha Gaada Vinuma, and Krishna and His Leela earlier this year.

02 Dec 2020

Bharatanatyam, out of the box

Those were some of the ideas that accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer Maithri Rao has incorporated into her #21DayCreativeMovement challenge on Instagram during the lockdown.

21 Nov 2020

Check out Hyderabad's new pocket-friendly eatery

With 13 kinds of noodles, an array of rolls and momos, KwikBytes in Begumpet is a place you can land up in your pyjamas on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

21 Nov 2020

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