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Indian heart meets Italian art: Upcoming documentary on art and culture landscapes of the two countries

An upcoming documentary on the art and culture landscapes of the two countries sheds light on the signs and symbols surrounding them 

08 May 2021

Southern spunk: Actor Priya Mani Raj on juggling cinema, web series, photo shoots

Actor Priya Mani Raj on juggling cinema, web series, photoshoots and one million Insta fans during the pandemic 

08 May 2021

The Univer-cell Alchemist: Dr Subhadra Dravida’s breakthrough research on novel stem cell treatment for Covid patients

Dr Subhadra Dravida’s novel stem cell-based treatment for Covid patients is driven by her need to find a solution to end human suffering

08 May 2021

Ap(p)t for Homework: Paving the way for teaching amid COVID pandemic

Teachers are not dismissing these tech innovations because they believe that most of these are designed to retain the student’s attention.

03 May 2021

The Girl on the Ball: How football gave life to daughter of farmers

The 17-year-old daughter of illiterate farmers, who grazed cattle, brought water from a hand pump, helped her family in the fields and sold rice beer, has received a full scholarship to Harvard.

30 Apr 2021

Toxic productivity: Take it easy

Those suffering from toxic productivity often don’t enjoy it, are under stress, yet they want to do it all.

24 Apr 2021

Fact of the matter: E-portals Factly, Wattpad will teach you to tell stories and truth this year

Factly is a Hyderabad-based public information and media tech initiative known for data journalism and one of the third-party fact-checking partners for Facebook in India.

10 Apr 2021

Engaging women in mask-making paid off for Telangana IAS officer Hari Chandana Dasari

Hari Chandana's foresight is perhaps one of the many reasons why she had bagged The Social Impact Award by the British Council last week.

31 Mar 2021

War of the video apps

YouSay says that some Indian apps are playing it foul with the views and likes of videos and this ‘fraud culture’ would mean bad news for the entire creator eco-system

31 Mar 2021

Chuck the chai and embrace Usha Paana Chikitsa

It penetrates into 100 trillion cells easily, which helps to repair and rejuvenate from foundational level.

27 Mar 2021

Meet the medico, keyboard player and now singing icon

The singer has been busy recording songs for 10 movies including Miles of Love song Gaganamu daati yegarali choodu.

27 Mar 2021

Hyderabad-based startup brings the king of good times online

We order food online. Hailing a cab and buying clothes are also as easy as a tap on the app. But we still have to hang around the liquor shop even today to buy our favourite bottle of alcohol.

26 Mar 2021

‘No gender bias for good content’

KC Ram, Koppolu Ankith and G Arya Praveen, popular for their videos on social media, talk about how their first viral video was a blooper, but genuine and funny, thus giving them a shot in the arm to

24 Mar 2021

Lockdown lessons we learned

We talk to a few Hyderabadis who tell us where they were when the lockdown was announced, what they did to get back on to their feet and what life has finally taught them.

23 Mar 2021