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RJ Prateeka on how 4,081 people who turned up at her radio studio on one fateful weekend changed her life, how she learnt to make awesome cup cakes and why she was miffed with a fan who misspelt her n

09 Sep 2020

Janganamana Telangana: Stories of Telangana’s extraordinary rural lives

Shyam Mohan's extensive travel brought him face to face with some unsung heroes of the State and that is what prompted him to write Janganamana Telangana, a ‘lifebook’ as he calls it, in Telugu.

08 Aug 2020

Proud to be dusky, Telugu and vocal: Roopa Koduvayur

Koduvayur, who stole hearts as Jyothi in the latest Telugu movie Umamaheshwara Ugra Rupasya, is not just a pretty girl, but a medico who is raring to celebrate her dusky complexion.

04 Aug 2020

I see a tide of unicorns coming out of Hyderabad in the post-corona economy: Author Arun Tiwari

Scientist-turned-author Arun Tiwari of India Wakes - Post Corona Virus New World Order sounds positive about Hyderabad and it's future.

04 Aug 2020

Will gym workouts work out now?

With the government allowing gymnasiums to open from August 5, we talk to a few gym freaks if
they are ready to get back to the gym or prefer to sweat it out at home and why

01 Aug 2020

An app to find plasma donors

It took just one week for Saiveda Prakash Masetty, a student of Pragati Mahavidyala, Koti, to put the right code and create the Arogya Veda app to connect plasma donors with the donees.

01 Aug 2020

Stress means cortisol, which reduces immunity

This author of four books tells us how champs like Sania do it differently and why stress could be messing with our immunity during the Covid-19 times.

30 Jul 2020

Harnessing the power of thoughts @5am

Every day, about 600 people across the world are setting up their alarms for 4.45 am to wake up, freshen up and join Kartika Nair, coach, trainer and manifestation practitioner, for her 5 am club.

29 Jul 2020

Power of 5am thoughts 

Every day, about 600 people across the world are setting up their alarms for 4.45 am to wake up, and join Kartika Nair, coach, trainer and manifestation practitioner, for her 5 am club.

29 Jul 2020

He used lockdown as a catalyst

Born and brought up in Kagazhnagar, Telangana, Rajesh relocated to Hyderabad for higher studies.

28 Jul 2020

WFH, troubled economy causing sexual stress in men

Most couples in India have no idea about their own sexual preferences or the interests of their partners. Our doctors are thus attuned to looking at several angles when dealing with a patient.

25 Jul 2020

Will RoboJulia replace your favourite restaurant waiter?

Made by Gurgaon-based domestic robots company Milagrow Robots, these robots are already getting hired in important jobs.

23 Jul 2020

Direct-to-home organic, fresh veggies straight from the farm

Venkat has been supplying groceries in Hyderabad for the last two years and the demand has spiked during COVID-19 times. 

23 Jul 2020

Mana Telugu podcasts are here

Podcasts, for the newbies, is recorded audio that one can listen through a website or an app.

21 Jul 2020

Gay stories to get into mainstream mags soon

Aparna Thota, who wrote mountaineer Malavath Poorna’s biography, is now on a mission to let the marginalised voices be heard in regional literature

18 Jul 2020

I created my DIY skincare regimen

One of the DIYs I have tried was making home made coloured lip balm using beetroot juice and ghee which was  good and repaired my lips.

15 Jul 2020

I did not Google my symptoms: Shikha Goel IPS

Eminent Hyderabadis share their coronavirus experiences

14 Jul 2020

My blush face keeps me on the run now

As part of the challenge, one has to increase the distance ran or the time period they ran the previous day.

11 Jul 2020

‘Plan now for post-crisis world’

In the last few years, Kanthi has organised mass events such as Pinkathon, and Telangana Food Festival etc.

11 Jul 2020

Your hair is talking to you. Are you listening?

Hairloss is among the most searched term in Google, next to weight loss. What kind of thoughts do you think affects our hair quality and hair loss/gain.

30 Jun 2020

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