Singing, direct dil se

Third that he is a son of the soil and wants to live amidst nature. Ram says yes to the last two and denies the first. 

27 Feb 2021

These shutterbugs bite at night

As most of the cities come alive during nights it’s always unique to capture those memories. Hyderabad, they say, is one of the best party cities in India. 

25 Feb 2021

Beauty through the eyes of a photographer

With the entry of smartphones came high-end cameras, almost as good as professional cameras.

23 Feb 2021

'Butta Bomma' put regional music on the global map: Armaan Malik

It’s the first time that Armaan has collaborated with the illustrious music composer, Gopi Sundar.

18 Feb 2021

Fragile X Syndrome: The X factor not worth having 

Fragile X Society - India, slowly but steadily, is trying to raise awareness about a condition that causes intellectual disability and autism.

13 Feb 2021

Swiping right for Mr/Mrs Right

Do dating apps really help you find love? We talk to three couples,  including one same sex couple, who met via these apps and tell us how their  love story unravelled in these digital times

13 Feb 2021

10k km, 18 states, for cause of refugees

Kiran Chukkapalli, who runs the Hyderabad-based Think Peace, on why he travelled across India on his motorcycle for the Refugee Aid Project

11 Feb 2021

To protect online space from Toxicity, Instagram launches 'Parents Guide' for young people's safety

How does Instagram plan to tell kids to also be real in what they do and that life is not always like the curated content they want to post.

09 Feb 2021

Connecting the literary dots

Venkat Garikapati tells us more about ‘Annamayya Srikrishna Sammohanam’ which explores 58 rare gems about Lord Krishna written by Annamayya, and why he's greedy to decode more works of the composer.

06 Feb 2021

#SelfieWithSeatBelt not just for drivers, but passengers too

City-based Shaik Salauddin wants VIPs to start wearing seat belt even in the back seats. He has tagged the Governor, Minister KTR and politician Kavitha on Twitter to take it forward

02 Feb 2021

Andhra Pappu, Chicken Kebab and diet food recipes in demand

23-year-old Deepthi Atluru's Instagram page @Justtt_food recently touched 100K followers.

30 Jan 2021

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Reimagined

Seventy NRIs in San Francisco’s Bay Area in the US got together to recreate the 1980s classic patriotic song that seems to be connecting with everyone.

27 Jan 2021

Ashrita Vemuganti Nanduri on 'keeping it classic'

Dancer and actor Ashrita Vemuganti Nanduri talks about how she balances hardcore classical dance with commercial cinema.

26 Jan 2021

What's pain got to do with 'MINDSET'?

This book is written to address that knowledge gap amongst healthcare professionals and public.

19 Jan 2021

This Hyderabad-based filmmaker says he made world’s first short film on Mars with zero budget

Ranjith Arvapally believes he made the world’s first short film on Mars with zero budget.

16 Jan 2021