Manoj Das

Daughter of the earth Re-emerges

Sita, for whom a shrine and an university  are to be constructed from April 24 in Bihar, 
is a largely misunderstood figure

20 Apr 2018

Must Science Bypass Myth?

To explore a myth is not to endorse it, but to probe its core. The Indian Science Congress should not shy away from this topic

06 Feb 2018

Celebrating innocence this XMAS

Both the child and the grown-up embraced the spirit of Christmas earlier. But recently its quiet old essence has been hardly felt

21 Dec 2017

Let Rani Padmavati rest in peace

Armed as we are with our right to freedom of creativity, we ought to ask what the motive is behind altering the basic nature of a legend

19 Nov 2017

‘How could China do this to us?’

The reason behind Beijing’s muscle-flexing at the Indian border is the idiosyncratic will of a single powerful leader

08 Aug 2017

The sane and silent Kashmir

As the Valley boils again the author recalls a more peaceful time when inquisitive youngsters, not stonepelters ruled

29 Jun 2017