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UDF Won't Accept K Babu's Resignation, to Urge Mani to Return to Cabinet

The UDF meeting asked the government to proceed with a case to \"bring out the conspiracy\" behind the new revelation before the Solar commission.

30 Jan 2016

At Peace, Curtains Down at Kerala Assembly

If there was a general feeling that the Opposition would pent up  the Bar and Solar issues on the last day of the brief session.

18 Dec 2015

Speaker Row: Kerala Government Saves Itself From a 'Self-goal'

The friction between Speaker N Sakthan and the government, pointedly with Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala.

17 Dec 2015

Speaker Row: Kerala Government Nearly Saves Itself From a 'Self-goal'

The friction between Speaker N Sakthan and the government, pointedly with Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala.

17 Dec 2015

Bar Issue Raked up to Pin Down Kerala Government

The opposition seems to be banking again on bar issue against the backdrop of  Thrissur Vigilance Court order

16 Dec 2015

CD Unseen Sets Political Stage, Kerala Speaker Becomes Opposition Target

The ‘CD’ drama enacted by solar conman Biju Radhakrishnan might have earned derisive reaction from all around.

15 Dec 2015

Kerala to be Left on a Sharp Political Edge Today

The political air is bound to be vitiated further over the exclusion of the Kerala CM from attending the R Sankar statue unveiling ceremony

15 Dec 2015

Day of Shibu: Kerala Labour Minister Corners VS Over VIP Issue

Labour minister Shibu Baby John’s master move, cornering Opposition leader V S Achuthanadan.

05 Dec 2015

Chandy Reiterates His 'Innocence'; Not Ready to Wilt Under Solar Heat

The solar heat has replaced Bar fizz in the Assembly on Thursday. The Opposition LDF targeted Chief Minister Oommen Chandy.

04 Dec 2015

Opposition Gets a Mouthful From Kerala CM

Even as the disclosures of solar scam accused Biju Radhakrishnan against Chief Minister Oommen Chandy.

03 Dec 2015

Kerala LSG Polls: UDF not to Support Independent Candidates

Outwitting the SNDP gameplan to field Independent candidates and secure the support of mainstream political fronts, the UDF has decided not to back such candidates.

08 Oct 2015

Postponement of Polls will Damage Front, Feels UDF

It is learnt that neither of the UDF constituents nor its partner Congress has ever discussed the scope of postponing the local polls.

11 Aug 2015

Postponement of Polls Will Damage Front, Feels UDF

Neither any of the UDF constituents discussed the scope of postponing the local polls or going for the Assembly elections before it.

11 Aug 2015

A Defiant Chandy Goes All-out Against HC Judge for AG Snub

A determined Chandy stood his ground and asserted with ease that he will not be cowed down by such arm-twisting.

25 Jul 2015

Marooned Opposition Earns Ridicule

Worn out charges of corruption against the government made the inevitable to happen in front of the Opposition.

24 Jul 2015

Opposition Gains Vigour as Scam Ghosts Prowl Around

The Opposition played its game for the day in the Assembly by remaining committed to opposing anything and everything related to the budget.

23 Jul 2015

House Gets a Run With 'Cards'

Who is communal and who is not? And which ‘card’ is out to woo the voters even when all are eager to profess secularism?

22 Jul 2015

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