Mathew Joy Mathew

Across the Universe through his deep lens

Mathew Joy Mathew talks to Navneeth Unnikrishnan about his far out love for deep space photography

03 Mar 2017

The Unreserved: A peek into the general compartment                                 &nb

IIT grad Samarth Mahajan’s docu The Unreserved takes a look inside crowded trains, finds Mathew Joy Mathew

03 Mar 2017

Going wild with wheelies

What keeps a biker going even after he’s broken bones?  Kovai’s stunt biker Sathyaraj shares his story with Mathew Joy Mathew

24 Feb 2017

A sequel for philips and the monkey pen in the making

Mathew Joy Mathew talks to 24-year-old Rojin Thomas, the young and talented writer and co-director of the film 

17 Feb 2017

Uncovering the secrets of the deep

Scuba diver and underwater cinematographer, Sumer Verma shares his journey with Mathew Joy Mathew

17 Feb 2017

Kathakali  on a canvas

Kathakali artist Kalamandalam Aravind shares his journey with Mathew Joy Mathew

10 Feb 2017

The wonder boy of mollywood

This 12-year-old is a State and National Award-winning actor; a feat only few can boast of. Mathew Joy Mathew gets in touch

10 Feb 2017

‘Aanandam’ of acting on his every impulse

Aanandam star Roshan Mathew,shares his journey as an actor with Mathew Joy Mathew.

22 Jan 2017

Throwing light on the plight of manual scavengers

Mathew Joy Mathew talks to journalist-turned-filmmaker Vidhu Vincent on her debut Malayalam film Manhole

13 Jan 2017

Deciphering a Tamil poet  

Mathew Joy Mathew talks to Rajesh Malarvannan, the man behind the Tamil lyrics in superhit Bollywood films like Dangal

07 Jan 2017

‘Extending our services to provide counselling makes us stand apart’

Pearson Academy’s Sales Head Akshay Kumar tells Mathew Joy Mathew about their latest initiative, a career guidance tool that includes six regional languages

07 Jan 2017

He listens to the cries of animals

Wildlife photographer, entrepreneur, nature lover, and animal rescuer — that is Robin Paul in a nutshell, finds Mathew Joy Mathew

23 Dec 2016

Models for the modern Indian sishya

Mathew Joy Mathew talks to Vice Chancellor Dr Rushen Chahal of Rama University to find out about their new management portal

18 Dec 2016

Tugging at the heartstrings with their soul-stirring ragas

Mathew Joy Mathew talks to the Raman brothers who are the only duo in the world to play Carnatic music on keyboard

16 Dec 2016

Job Kurian’s music and lyrics

Mathew Joy Mathew finds out about Kerala’s musical heartthrob Job Kurian, and his love for the stage

09 Dec 2016

Two women, a film and a continental gap

One’s from Kerala. The other’s from Jersey. They’ve never met. But they’re shooting a film from across continents, courtesy high-speed internet, finds Mathew Joy Mathew

27 Nov 2016

Life is one artsy strip-tease

Roshan Kuriachayanil’s done everything from animation to art direction. But he tells Mathew Joy Mathew he’s a doer and not a director, when it comes to art, and all that it entails

25 Nov 2016

Phone cams to Premam, the Anend Chandran way

Mathew Joy Mathew talks to 26-year-old Anend C Chandran, the man who shot blockbusters Premam, Neram, and Anandam

21 Nov 2016

Where girls feel at home

Sukritham Girls Home, run by Mahadev in Kozhikode is a home where all the girls are groomed to make their dreams come true, finds Mathew Joy Mathew

11 Nov 2016

This audiophile is in search of the sounds of India

Mathew Joy Mathew finds out about a sound designer’s search for India’s unique sounds

06 Nov 2016

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