Mayank Tiwari

Wolfe Pack: Riders in the storm

The roads are wet, the scenery is lush with greenery and the air’s nippy with the refreshing drizzle of the rain.

23 Jul 2021

Hack me not: Here's how to ensure your device is safe from possible data breach

You cannot trust all apps, but if your mobile has a few trusted ones, you must ensure that they are updated

21 Jul 2021

Hidden in plain sight

Is the world’s oldest iron age site buried thousands of feet under the bustling HiTec City? Historians and archaeologists believe so, as the city is home to the country’s oldest megalithic structure.

13 Jul 2021

Meet the Hyderabad deities who are believed to safeguard city people from ailments

Many people across Telangana have believed for ages that pandemics, epidemics and seasonal diseases occur when they anger gods and goddesses. 

10 Jul 2021

In a rocky situation

The rock formation in Hyderabad are as old as, or even older than, lifeforms on Earth.

07 Jul 2021

Race horses to now gallop online

Hyderabad Race Club will hold the monsoon races online in the last week of July

06 Jul 2021

Oils don’t help grow a beard, genes do!

Dermatologists say beard oils don’t help grow a beard, but are just a marketing gimmick

06 Jul 2021

Salaam, Pasha! These wrestlers keep the traditional sport alive

This 66-year-old wrestler spends every waking hour training the next generation in pahelwani and is doing everything he can to keep the traditional sport alive  

03 Jul 2021

Hyderabad unlock: Theatre spaces open up but plays will take time

In the meantime, managements are trying to figure out how to prep these cultural spaces as per the Covid-19 protocol.

24 Jun 2021

Body positivity: Men need it too

Even global brands, which have their stores in Hyderabad, sell apparel for the Caucasian physique. Brown Indian men do not make it to the posters.

23 Jun 2021

Remnants of a lockdown: Hyderabad bustling with shoppers

The lockdown has been lifted and Hyderabad is back to life. But tucked away in the chaos are many downed shutters, which remind us of how cruel the pandemic has been to businesses

22 Jun 2021

Give homeschooling a thought

In India, not many know about homeschooling which is essentially triggered by curiosity and is a motivation-based learning method.

17 Jun 2021

When WFH video calls go terribly wrong...

Hyderabadis get candid about their WFH blunders, after which they wanted to dig a hole and hide

17 Jun 2021

Swipe right if vaccinated: Hyderabadis seek COVID jabbed matches on dating apps

You read it right. That’s the criteria in the bios of most online daters in the city. Read on to know how the pandemic has changed dating preferences in Hyderabad

16 Jun 2021

Overworking, a slow poison

According to Praveen, many young IT and ITES professionals in the city are suffering from kidney stones because they are poorly hydrated.

15 Jun 2021