Mayank Tiwari

The economics of food

CE digs into how the economy is reflected in the city’s restaurant and fine dining culture, which is undergoing rapid evolution, accelerated by the pandemic

09 Jul 2022

The doctor behind extraordinary parties

CE speaks to Dr Sofiya Sujad about Sofiya events going international and leaving medical line behind.

15 Jun 2022

Walk through 120 years of coin history

 A week-long coin museum was inaugurated at the Saifabad mint on Tuesday.

08 Jun 2022

A delightful sundowner

An evening with a gin and tonic as the sun sets slowly beneath the horizon is an alchemy that makes fêtes seem mysteriously beautiful.

07 Jun 2022

A novel idea

Reverse logistic app Dump allows resale of books available at the click of a button

02 Jun 2022

Kill the stress

Luke Coutinho, a globally renowned holistic lifestyle coach with expertise in integrative medicine, speaks about life post pandemic and how stress affects men and women differently

31 May 2022

UPSC CSE 2021 results: Six candidates from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh among top 100

Of the 749 candidates recommended by the UPSC for appointments in various services, close to 50 candidates were from the two Telugu States.

31 May 2022

Everest Conqueror     

Anvitha Reddy Padamati speaks to CE about her journey to summit Mount Everest, her passion for mountaineering and more 

26 May 2022

Partei Bavaria

The ground floor of this Bavarian Roast Cafe looks more like a Brooklyn style cafe. It has rustic woody benches with no back support and a few chairs with comfortable leather backs.

21 May 2022

Painting with light, form

Ahead of the release of his book Without a Map, Ambareesh Pittie opens up about his love for heritage photography            

19 May 2022

Hyderabad: Successful medal-winning doctor also active beauty pageant winner and traveller?

Sailikitha wants to continue her profession, both as a physician and a model, if given a chance, as an actress too

17 May 2022

CCMB's mRNA COVID vaccine more effective against variants

Since India lacked mRNA vaccine technology, CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) has indigenously developed a better version of the mRNA vaccine.

14 May 2022

Gift from a dreamer

She describes her book a collection of emotions of love, yearning, passion, and spirituality.

12 May 2022

Movements faster than life

The artiste who has a perfectly lean physique, magically twists his arms in unimaginable postures with technical and musical prowess.

11 May 2022

‘Wash hair with RO water’

Experts say, overly treated domestic water in the city contain high amounts of chlorine and magnesium that can cause hair damage

10 May 2022