Multimedia artist Viraag Desai  on his ongoing solo show

This online exhibition was conceived and executed in its entirety during the lockdown period.

13 hours ago

Kristina Kister, Shikha Nambiar owning the illustration space

As frontiers are being pushed in curriculums, graphic art becomes one of the fastest-growing careers. Two top illustrators share how to improve your drawings professionally. 

13 hours ago

The Orientalist’s Stage

An exhibition at Delhi’s Gallery Latitude 28 showcases the unconventional works by US-born photographer Waswo X Waswo

18 Sep 2020

For Bubbly Brides

Ridhi Mehra’s Pre-Fall 2020 Collection—Serai—is understated yet effervescent

13 Sep 2020

Streaming 101: Here are some ways to get your live acts to the hands of audience

Broadcast platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube are one of the most sought-after when it comes to streaming theatre.

12 Sep 2020

These 8 apps will help you lead a more sustainable life

What we eat, or wear, or even the way we travel, everything has an impact on the world we live in.

12 Sep 2020

Let the Skin Breathe

After a week’s use, there seemed to be an increase in elasticity and firmness around the eye area.

12 Sep 2020

Get #Instasmart: 10 hacks to flaunt your business on Instagram

As of January 2020, there are nearly one billion monthly active users on Instagram, of which there are 500 million daily active users.

07 Sep 2020

Tapping Talent

With a collective platform of 14 galleries, TAP India promises to create more visibility and newer markets

07 Sep 2020

The Voice Company: Having fun with the Alphabet

A lot of the words in the dictionary have a slight Bollywood touch to it. This was done because the creators realised it would be a fun way to engage the kids.

05 Sep 2020

The Warp and Weft of Life

Shanti Banaras presents nine - a carefully curated collection based on the nine rasas outlined in the Natya Shastra.

05 Sep 2020

Product review: Mantra Herbal’s scrub is a Godsend

As the weather plays truant, our skin needs that extra bit of pampering. We recently tried Mantra Herbal’s scrubs, and we are impressed, to say the least.

30 Aug 2020

Tourist hotspots to conflict zones, Brazilian journalist Guilherme Canever talks about travels to no man's land

Thriving tourist hotspots to dangerous conflict zones, Brazilian journalist Guilherme Canever talks about his travels to 16 non-existent nations

29 Aug 2020

INTERVIEW | JJ Valaya's online store makes comeback in new avatar

With a newly launched website, couturier JJ Valaya welcomes the world to browse his collections.

29 Aug 2020

Here is a list of apps that will let you travel the world

The better part of the year has gone by. For travel enthusiasts, it has been a wasted time.

29 Aug 2020