Product review: Zesty Lemon Body Scrub

There is something about the citrusy fragrance of lemons that instantly freshens your very soul.

24 Oct 2020

Ole to Flamboyance: Spanish brand Desigual makes India debut

The Barcelona-based label, characterised by colourful patchwork, intense prints, graffiti art, asymmetry and bright colours, that has stores in over 72 countries, finally dropped anchor in India.

24 Oct 2020

Search, click, download: Apps and portals to enhance your reading experience

We take a look at some of the top ebook sites you can visit that would not make any dent in your budget.

24 Oct 2020

Mumbai-based street artist Tyler claims the street in a stealthy way

Famously known as India's Banksy, Tyler's pseudonym is supposedly inspired by a character in the film, Fight Club.

24 Oct 2020

Power squad redux: 2021 to see wave of superhero movies

Though 2020 drew a blank, the coming year is set to see a host of superhero films from not only DC and Marvel but also Sony.

24 Oct 2020

A touch of purity

With the winter round the corner, it was natural that the skin cried out for some nourishment. This time, we decide to try age-old grandma’s secret, albeit in a new packing.

17 Oct 2020

Take a break from home, soak in the luxury of Rajasthan

The hospitality sector, led by Rajasthan, is wooing patrons back with irresistible offers.

17 Oct 2020

All that Jazz and more for Indian-American girl's Carnegie performance

Indian American Charu Suri becomes the first jazz composer to premier at the prestigious Carnegie Hall depsite her Sufi singer having laryngitis.

17 Oct 2020

At the teleport station: Travel documentaries to give wanderlust goals

The next best thing to putting your seatbelts on is to turn to the cinematic world of travel documentaries to teleport us to Antarctica and the Himalayas, and to Borneo and the Amazon

17 Oct 2020

This boutique in Kannur offers dresses to brides in need

About two months ago, 41-year-old entrepreneur Sabitha AK—founder of Rainbow Women’s Outfits—received an SOS call.

13 Oct 2020

What’s common between Mexico and India? A meal

Mexico and India have a shared love for food and all things spice.

10 Oct 2020

Concept clothing label 'Vraj:bhoomi' bears the indelible mark of tradition

One-craft label Vraj:bhoomi reinterprets the age-old technique of ajrakh into contemporary styles and motifs

10 Oct 2020

Dubai-based Ishara Art Foundation's exhibition explores art, soul of resistance

Dubai-based Ishara Art Foundation presents ‘Every Soiled Page’ that explores ways in which our collective memories leave an imprint of rebellion.

10 Oct 2020

'Enola Holmes' movie review: The game is afoot

Of course in a film about woman empowerment, it is natural that the women characters would be more appealing.

04 Oct 2020

From Queen Mary to Maharaja of Bikaner, here is House of Fabergé's eggstatic ensemble

The House of Fabergé recently marked the centenary of the death of its visionary founder, Peter Carl Fabergé

03 Oct 2020