Meera Suresh

Local political startups in the fray

Five years on, Twenty20 seems to have many followers.

09 Oct 2020

Exhibitors willing to reopen theatres, but only with govt aid

Though the state govt is against reopening cinema halls, exhibitors are willing to take the risk, but demand tax exemption

02 Oct 2020

Scuffles on the rise, residents worried 

Majority of criminal acts involve teenagers and youngsters, on both the victim and perpetrator ends. Local people seek police help

01 Oct 2020

PT Usha Road to host cultural venue

‘In 2001, Thiruvananthapuram got Manaveeyam Veedhi, a 180-metre stretch, which would later become the venue for thousands of protests and cultural programmes.

25 Sep 2020

Kochi hops on a Smart Road ride

Kochi’s six major roads will soon be lined with facilities like LED lights, medians, cycle tracks and walkways for pedestrians, apart from an underground utility duct

24 Sep 2020

Get on fun track to fitness

With her one-year-old venture, Zwagg Fitness Studio, trainer Poornima Viswanathan has proved fitness and fun can  indeed go hand in hand. 

23 Sep 2020

Pandemic leaves cash-strapped 19-year-old Ivorian footballer stuck in Kerala

Having encountered a fate that mirrors a movie, Ivory Coast player Troare Muhammad finds himself penniless and stranded

22 Sep 2020

Mission: Save KSRTC station 

Despite being in Kochi, the commercial hub of Kerala, why does the station continue to look like what it is? 

15 Sep 2020

‘Pandemic Burnout’: Unspoken struggles

‘Pandemic Burnout’, a 30-minute docu-story, starts with Anand Manmadhan, who is also the director, waking up.

11 Sep 2020

All four Covid-19 tests under one roof

With the introduction of CB-NAAT testing, the Regional Public Health Lab in Ernakulam becomes the first facility in the district to conduct all tests to detect the virus

10 Sep 2020

Break over, Mollywood to roll again

All cast and crew have to stay in a hotel, avoiding outside interaction during the entire production schedule.

09 Sep 2020

Marine Drive in a free fall

Twelve years ago, when Dhanya Ravi first set foot in Ernakulam, visiting Marine Drive was the first on her ‘to-do list’.

05 Sep 2020

Private buses slam brakes in Kochi amid COVID-19 pandemic

Before Covid-19 struck, speeding private buses reigned on Kochi’s roads.

18 Aug 2020

Dengue, leptospirosis cases spike

However, the steep rise in Dengue can also be attributed to the epidemiological characteristic of the disease, which sees it peaking every three years. 

13 Aug 2020

Gulf Malayalis volunteer in great numbers for vaccine trials

The phase-III of vaccine trials, held across UAE, will test up to 15,000 volunteers between the age group of 18-60 years

11 Aug 2020