Minhaz Merchant

America-Pak endgame in  Afghanistan

When Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, a co-founder of the Taliban terrorist group, walked into a meeting with top American and Pakistani officials in Islamabad last week, the masks fell off.  

19 Oct 2019

What a 'bold' Nirmala Sitharaman must do next

After years of socialistic tinkering, the Narendra Modi government has finally taken the plunge with a sharp cut in corporate tax, writes Minhaz Merchant.

21 Sep 2019

The ghosts frightening England

If the UK exits the European Union without a deal, there is a possibility of Scotland and Northern Ireland leaving the Union

17 Aug 2019

Building a new world order

The old world order, represented by the G7, has no intention of giving up its global clout, however much that power has shrunken in recent years

20 Jul 2019

Brexit will only diminish UK’s influence

A Global Britain is a fantasy that the British are fond of indulging in. Exiting EU will only push the country back to its modest island status

22 Jun 2019

China’s charm offensive with Modi

Washington’s trade war has made Beijing realise that a friendly relationship with India,however temporary, is a wise course to follow

31 May 2019

China sets foot in the middle east

The Saudis see China as a counter to an inevitable estrangement with Washington once Donald Trump leaves office

04 May 2019

Can Congress change the narrative?

Rahul wants to shift the focus from national security to the economy. But some of his own party leaders are undermining the strategy.

02 Apr 2019

Where angels fear to tread

Old habits die hard even when governments change. The recent change on Angel Tax has also been marked by bureaucratic sleight of hand.

02 Mar 2019

Quota can be the X factor in 2019

Complicating the Opposition’s position, the Congress’ 2014 election manifesto had pledged to legislate precisely such a law.

09 Feb 2019

Expenditure-heavy Budget 2019 a classic pre-poll exercise

The Central government has walked a tightrope between pre-election populism and fiscal prudence.

02 Feb 2019

Britain nears chaotic Brexit endgame

On Tuesday, December 11, as India awaits the results of five crucial state Assembly elections, Britons will know the fate of the make-or-break vote in British Parliament over Brexit.

08 Dec 2018

Lord Ram and the politics of faith

Does the Ram Mandir issue rouse strong passions anymore? In a tight election, it very well might, especially in Uttar Pradesh.

12 Nov 2018

The digital destiny of media

The print-to-digital migration in India is slower than elsewhere because India remains an underserved digital country.

13 Oct 2018


Imran will turn on the charm to convince Modi, or at least Sushma, to attend a SAARC summit in Pakistan. Neither should and neither will.

17 Sep 2018

Inflection point in US-India ties

The inaugural 2+2 dialogue between India and the US will be held next week. New Delhi will be keen to sort out at least three issues 

01 Sep 2018

Imran Khan versus Pakistan Army

Imran Khan, sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on Saturday, August 18, is widely regarded as a puppet of the Pakistan Army. That is only partly true for three reasons. 

19 Aug 2018

The cure for India-China relations

The success of a recent Chinese movie is a reminder of how soft power can be as effective as the projection of hard power

04 Aug 2018

Apex court gives BCCI a free pass

If the SC allows the key Lodha reforms to be diluted, the cricket body will revert to being the unaccountable, opaque body it has ever been

21 Jul 2018

A tale of two Aurangzebs

The Opposition claims minorities have been marginalised after 2014. But if the underlying causes are ignored, the symptoms will worsen

07 Jul 2018

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