Mithun M K

Free cycles at Metro stations, but no place to park

Now that the Public Bike Sharing (PBS) service is here in the city, the question arises as to where to the commuters will ride and park these cycles? With no adequate facilities, could the PBS turn

11 Feb 2018

Free cycles are here at Metro stations, but where do we ride?

Experts claim that officials are bringing out the Public Sharing Service without planning and developing an infrastructure to support the system 

07 Feb 2018

Hyderabad: Fares double as cab drivers cash in on Sankranti rush 

With buses and trains running full, people turn to taxis to travel from Hyderabad-Vijayawada; cabbies charge roughly Rs 1,200 per person

14 Jan 2018

Sale of advertising space on Hyderabad Metro Rail yet to pick up

The Rs 18,000 crore project’s hopes of breaking even rest mainly on revenues from rentals and advertising

07 Jan 2018

Retaining students remains a challenge for government schools

Many children in Karimnagar belong to nomadic communities and schools find it hard to provide quality education as kids drop out

21 Nov 2017

Exporters face working capital crunch post-GST 

A feature that enables exporters to claim tax returns they had already paid for through raw materials is not active in the GST-N software.

29 Sep 2017

Hyderabad CSIR research directors outline their commercial direction

CSIR had lined up 120 fast-track translation of research projects that can be converted to commercially viable products. 

02 Sep 2017

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam: Why should Hyderabad get all the water?

The builders of the Nagarjuna Sagar sought to trap the Krishna’s majesty. In a bit more than 50 years, the dam stands as a sentinel amid the drought ravaging the river’s territory

13 May 2017

Hyderabad flooded with illegal, cheap cigarettes

The sale of these cheap alternatives, without  any health warnings labels, continue unabated

07 Mar 2017

Uber, Ola send out text messages asking Hyderabad drivers not to trust rumours

Sath ya Narayana is an Ola cab driver under suspension for the past one-and-a-half months but on Saturday morning, Ola asked him to drive for them through a text message.

01 Jan 2017

Nose down on auto pilot: Uber and out

The note ban to the auto drivers was an act of adding salt to the injury caused by the unregulated operation of taxi aggregators, which has been eating into their profits.

31 Dec 2016

Unsure when new notes will arrive, banks set cash limits

Fifty days after demonetisation, banks across the city are still struggling to serve customers in withdrawing their cash.

31 Dec 2016

Govt promised subsidy but petrol pumps bear the cost

With no reimbursement in sight, pumps are forced to borrow money

27 Dec 2016

Note ban kills MSME sector’s window before going cashless for GST

The result, as of now, is a vast majority of them losing the window of opportunity for going digital, reporting losses in revenue up to 60 per cent.

24 Dec 2016

With no salary for months, park guards in Hyderabad up in arms

On Wednesday, security guards of Lumbini park, NTR park and Sanjeevaiah park in the city protested before the Buddha Purnima Project (BPP) Authority.

22 Dec 2016

If banks are busy, can the moneylender be far behind?

Many of the Dalit tenant farmers in Kharamungi are readying up for rabi sowing where there is an urgent need to borrow money.

21 Nov 2016

Lack of sanitation and essentials keep the anganwadis starving

The children here fall sick all the time as the quality of food supplies they get is poor.

14 Nov 2016

Pastor beats up, makes children's home inmates beg on Hyderabad streets, arrested

Better education was all that was promised to gullible parents when their children were provided a shelter in the city. Even in their nightmares would they have imagined their wards would be forced to extend their arms for alms at traffic junctions.

19 Aug 2016

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