Mohammed Yacoob

Take Care of Your Eyes, a Dry Summer is Here

Complaints of conjunctivitis and allergies are common as summer sets in. Children are particularly at risk.

10 Mar 2016

'Dialysis Okay, But Improve Manpower'

Proposal to start ‘National Dialysis Services Programme’.Funds will be made available under the National Health Mission to set up dialysis centres in all district hospitals.Doctors demand on need for improving manpower.

01 Mar 2016

Expecting Mothers Postpone Delivery Fearing Leap Day

Maternity hospitals are flooded with requests to advance or postpone deliveries due on February 29.

29 Feb 2016

It's Summer Already

Met office says the onset is due nine days from now, but the season is rushing in early.

23 Feb 2016

Harish's Aim Was to Join IPS, Had Rejected IT Offers

His relatives and friends reject suicide theory, say he was in a happy state of mind.

19 Feb 2016

Wilson Garden's Stink Spot is a Health Risk

Residents of  Chinnayyana Palya are living for three years with the stench of an overflowing manhole.

16 Feb 2016

RWA's Compost Unit Sets Example

Citizens in Koramangala 3rd Block show how to turn waste into wealth.

15 Feb 2016

Watch out for Pink Eye This Winter

lInfective and allergic conjunctivitis can be prevented by maintaining good hygiene and seeking early treatment.

28 Jan 2016

Vendors Gift Bus Stand to MLA on His Birthday

The new structure is named after the late Indian president Abdul Kalam.

26 Jan 2016

Doctors Moot Rabies Vaccination for Kids

Vets and rabies lab workers are routinely given the shots, but experts believe it may not be a bad idea to extend it to children, postmen and pourakarmikas

14 Jan 2016

Don't Neglect Tension Headaches, Say Doctors

Symptoms include dull ache and tenderness in the head region, and neck and shoulder stiffness

07 Jan 2016

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